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Madonna Goes on TV to talk about her "Erotic Dreams" about Obama

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Sick! How fitting that Madonna, who admitted she has thought about “blowing up the White House” also has “erotic dreams” about former president Obama.

From Grabien

Madonna shocked Monday night’s “Tonight Show” audience after telling host Jimmy Fallon she still has “erotic dreams” about the first time she met President Obama.

This is only the most recent foray into politics for the one-time Queen of Pop.

During the 2016, she infamously promised to give oral sex to anyone who votes for Hillary Clinton, going into graphic detail about her technique.

Madonna’s new live album, “Rebel Heart Tour,” which was released September 15, sold just 3,848 copies.

Here’s a transcript from last night’s Tonight Show appearance:

FALLON: “Do you remember — do you remember the last time you were here, you graced us with your presence. I was very excited that you were here. It was the last time that President Obama visited our show.”

MADONNA: “Oh God, that was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. I’m still having erotic dreams about it. I am. I’m sorry.”

FALLON: “No. You weren’t — no, that’s not the truth.”

MADONNA: “No it is the — it is the truth.”

[ Laughter ]

MADONNA: “It’s the truth.”


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