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London Catholic Church Hosts Illuminati SATANIST Fashion Parade

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Pentagrams, upside-down crosses, all seeing eyes, Illuminati and freemasonry symbols, Jewish 666 stars known as Star of David, prostitutes, transgenders and even partial nudity, such as a woman parading INSIDE the church with one breast out, uncovered, you name it! This was a full Satanist ritual!

How come there is always an abundance of fools ready to be used by these demons, is beyond any philosophy. Why couldn’t these models just refuse partaking in this so that these satanists have no one who to use?

Turkish designer Dilara Findikoglu’s Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, which was showcased at the altar of a Catholic church, had an element of Victorian Goth combined with satanic imagery.

“Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.” Jude 1:13 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: As shocking as these photos are, we should not be surprised to find a demonic “fashion” show taking place in one of England’s most famous Catholic churches. All of the Devil’s “heavy hitters” were on display at this show as we see Illuminati, Masonic and occult imagery and symbolism all over the place. The priests at St. Andrew’s church seem quite pleased with the show, and of course, the revenue it generated. Exactly what you might expect from an organization the Bible refers to as the “whore of babylon” in Revelation 17.

Rapper Brooke Candy and drag artist Violet Chachki were within her troupe of heavily made-up models that strutted to the soundtrack of 80s dark wave and traditional belly-dancing music.

The Turkish creative made a name for herself two years ago at Central Saint Martins when she held a guerrilla presentation for the students whose work didn’t make it into the official press show.

Growing up with Muslim parents in Istanbul she admitted wanting to explore constantly. She told Vogue magazine that became fascinated with parapsychology, the occult and ‘magic stuff’ – which clearly shows in her unusual designs.

Dilara treated fashionistas to an array of face tattoos, tartan and lace at St Andrew Church in London. Off the catwalk, her quirky designs can be found in Selfridges in London and have been worn by the likes of Rihanna and FKA Twiggs.

For her show on Monday night, Dilara transformed St Andrews Church, in London, into a graphically satanic runway. Fashion insiders lined the front row as models strutted their stuff down a checker board catwalk. The set was dominated by a towering backdrop packed with symbolism from tarot card imagery.

Dilara’s occult influences were evident in the ensembles she unveiled. One model looked eerily pale as she appeared in a shredded cream outfit apparently inspired by a corpse bride.

Another wearing a daring black and white ensemble had her mouth covered in bone-like make-up. Several others had their faces painted in large symbols that appeared to be inspired by witchcraft.

Here’s the debauchery that went on in the Saint Andrews Catholic Church:

Look at Mr. Demon here! Who is this? Lucifer himself?

Like out of a horror movie, this woman looks like a evil witch with a see-through transparent top where you can actually see a breast of hers. There’s also ACAB tattooed on her leg at the ankle which is an acronym for “All Cops Are Bastards”.

Notice the upside-down cross under her left eye. All of this inside of a Church… the house of God!

Yet another evil witch, looks like shes possessed!

Same woman as above, notice the illuminati eye on her legging.

What about the background? Did you notice that below the Sun, there is a satanist reversed Pentagram with the letter G inside of it which is the letter of Freemasonry, under that there is a 666 Jewish star with the Illuminati eye inside, etc. This was all full of symbolism. It was like a celebration of evil. Also notice the red flags with the illuminati eyes and at the top having some infinity snakes. Unbelievable.

Wearing a Satanist pentagram painted on her face. WOW so classy and progressive!

And half naked… inside of a Church… no decency left…. what is this the evil harlot riding the 7 headed beast?

Notice the Egyptian illuminati all seeing eye painted on her face

If this horned freak doesn’t give you the chills then what does?

Yet another horned freak

This creature looks like a transgender sick of AIDS or something…

Of course there had to be some DIEversity included

All seeing eyes, skull and bones, nothing out of the ordinary!

More freemasonry and illuminati symbols…

Another evil witch. Looks like a man disguised as a woman… known as a tranny!

A mutant couple… they look as if they suffer from some kind of syndrome

This…. inside of a Church! Only 200 years ago she would have been burned alive for such a blasphemy! Now humanity is back to the times of Babylon.

Yet another horned creature

More freemasonry symbols

And yet another transgender dressed as a woman. He also seems to be suffering from some kind of disease, notice the red stains on his/her face…

May God forgive us of our sins because we are dirty animals! All of us! Simply for not taking a strong stand against this debauchery. Where are the voices opposing this? Where is the outrage?


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5 Responses to " London Catholic Church Hosts Illuminati SATANIST Fashion Parade "

  1. billwhit1357 says:

    You need to tell that to the author of the article then. The title says Catholic.

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  2. billwhit1357 says:

    With the current Pope Francis, the Catholic Church is closer to Satan than it ever was before. A pope has always mostly been the epitome of what NOT to be as a Christian, and No Man is close to Jesus, especially the Pope! He wipes his butt the same as all men!

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    • antarcticus says:

      St. Andrew Holborn is the church, it is Church of England, not Catholic.
      It was originally Catholic hundreds of years ago, but Henry VIII, well,
      you know, right ?

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      • billwhit1357 says:

        Let the author of the article know, not me. I could care less. Both are fake Christian churches.

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      • billwhit1357 says:

        Yes, that was a wild time in history, to be sure, lol! I have no use for either, but I am a Christian, but was raised in a Full Gospel Pentecostal church. Two of my daughters are married to Catholics but not practicing ones.

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