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GAB.ai no longer a Free Speech safe heaven?

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Thousands of Gab.ai were angered by GAB.ai’s own CEO Andrew Torba posting a message on Andrew Anglin’s page asking him to remove a post for allegedly violating their TOS. Andrew is the first human being on planet Earth to be completely banned off the internet, wiped off everywhere as if he doesn’t exist. Shortly after his website dailystormer.com was shut down by big corporations, therightstuff.biz and stormfront.org the largest nationalist forum in the world, followed suit.

People who were defending Anglin, weren’t doing so because they necessarily agree with his views, but they were doing so because of the principle of free speech. Now after the outrage intensified on Gab and thousands were starting to become really outraged by this, Mr. Torba came up clean and posted a message where he revealed the truth.

In that message he said that the domain registrar threatened to shut down his social network gab.ai if he doesn’t silence Andrew Anglin. We told you so that everyone should fight for Anglin’s dailystormer because his site was just the start and after they are done with him they are gonna move next and next and next until they are gonna hit a barrier and look it’s already happening at a speed surpassing our predictions by far. After completely banning Anglin everywhere, they went after Stormfront, a forum which used to host at least 100.000 members. And now look they are going after a large social network! These globalists have guts… to go after Gab! How long till they start going after Infowars and other more moderate alt-lite websites?

And here’s where the people must make a stand and fight back. Andrew Torba made a huge mistake. He shouldn’t have threatened even an inch of his free speech policy. He should have firmly stood his ground and let them ban him and steal his domain from him. After that he should have used his recently fund raised $1 million to sue the registrar and whoever was responsible for shutting him down. He should have taken this all the way up to the Supreme Court for domain theft and oppression of the 1st Amendment which is guaranteed under the law and which everyone must obey to, both public and private. The law isn’t written only for the government.

The argument made by libertarians that “they are private companies therefore they can do whatever they want” is wrong. Just as a private corporation isn’t allowed to steal or kill you because it breaks the law, so it isn’t allowed to oppress freedom of speech because it breaks the law. It’s just that simple!

So with that said, the people must make a stand somewhere and sometime because this domain thievery is starting to get out of hand. First they tested the waters with Anglin, they saw that there weren’t any repercussions for their crimes and now they push ahead until they hit a roadblock. So who is going to become that roadblock? Who is gonna take them to the Supreme Court? Whoever does that, should also ask for a huge compensation just to set an example out of them. Perhaps $500 million should suffice? What these globalists are missing though is that they’ve made Anglin and his ideas more popular than he ever could have dreamed as people are really curious about the content produced by the most censored man of all times. Because of their silencing behavior, he’s now like a modern day dissident from the Soviet Union or something… America is now reaching censorship levels equal to those of communist China, but what happened, what went wrong? Especially now that Donald Trump won??

Here’s what happened, all of this started in less than 1 year after Obama gave away the internet to the globalist UN… and make no mistake about it, this is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY going to affect right-wing politics. Leftists will be in paradise. There is a ban on right-wing ideas. Well if that’s how it works then do not complain when and if right ever win, they are gonna start banning the left. This of course is also Trump’s fault because he has not taken back the internet from the UN. He could have done at least this but it looks like he’s not gonna do anything about it.

In closing, it is worth mentioning that Torba also made a huge mistake when he called the people who were outraged “snowflakes” because this isn’t about being puffy, fluffy and easily offended snowflakes. This was a lie and people were rightfully outraged when a user was silenced without any reason. If he should have told the truth from the beginning, that GAB is under pressure, then everybody would have understood him…

At some point we do have to stand up and let’s make this that point. Message Torba @a and start a new hashtag #GabStandUp

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