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Gab.ai kicked out from the Internet for "Discrimination and Hate"

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Gab, an ad-free social network centered around free speech & personal liberty has been under fire from the corporatized mainstream media lately, after the startup announced a lawsuit against Google.

Gab received an email from their domain registrar late Sunday night about a “domain violation” regarding the violation of Australian federal and state anti-discrimination laws. It is unclear what Gab has specifically violated if anything at all due to the lack of specificity from Asia Registry’s legal team.

Asia Registry has decided to give Gab 5 days to find a new domain registrar or they will cancel Gab’s domain name registration.

Gab’s CEO, Andrew Torba stated from his Gab account that the website was not going anywhere except possibly losing the websites .ai domain. Follow Claps News on Gab.

Can you believe that all of this is happening under Donald Trump who is ALLEGEDLY our man? The right-wing president? These things didn’t even happen under Obama and probably not even under Hillary Clinton and please get your head our of your butt for a second and stop excusing Trump.

This is not  excusable, what is his role there in the White House? Why isn’t he doing anything? He doesn’t seem to care his base, his right-wingers get stamped on everywhere, left and right. This guy behaves like the Antichrist, he deceived us all into supporting him because he pretended to be on our side and now look, he is breaking all of his campaign promises and does nothing for us! Check this song out, its exactly what’s happening now with Trump:


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