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British MP: Minorities should be let Off with Crimes because the System is Racist

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British MP David Lammy who is also a black activist for his people, has recently sparked controversy after demanding that black people and other minorities should not be prosecuted for crimes if the authorities find that the accused is “immature” or stupid… because the system is racist and biased against black people.

What the hell did you just read you may be wondering…

Well indeed this is exactly what a black British Labour MP is asking for, see for yourself, these are quotes from The Guardian:

Prosecutions against some black and minority-ethnic suspects should be deferred or dropped to help tackle the criminal justice system’s bias against them, according to a highly critical report written by the Labour MP David Lammy at the request of the prime minister.

Lammy said the UK should adopt Germany’s approach to assessing the maturity of younger offenders. Rather than an “inflexible” boundary, at the age of 18, between youth and adult courts in England and Wales, the German system allows for less punitive juvenile law to be applied to young adults if the “moral and psychological development” of the defendant suggests he or she is immature or “like a juvenile”.

Such a method reflects the latest scientific evidence on brain development, Lammy said. Assessments of maturity should be developed and used for defendants up until 21. Since there is a high proportion of BAME individuals among young adult prisoners, their introduction would help significantly. Most young people grow out of crime, the report says. Selling drugs as a teenager could prevent an individual becoming a plumber or licensed taxi driver well into their thirties.

Unbelievable! So if you’re just stupid, low-IQed or simply immature you should be able do whatever you want because the system is “biased”. Unbelievable! If the current trend continues, the West will soon have to legalize crime just like in the Purge movies.

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