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American McDonald's Worker Tries to Flush Newborn Baby Down the Toilet

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Monster! While its somewhat understandable that leftists in America suffer from some kind of mental disorder, this is not even about left vs right anymore. This is simply about life itself in nature. Even animals wouldn’t kill a cub, let alone their own cub, with the exception of inter-species warfare of course. How can a human want to kill a baby? How can that even be possible? And what about that this isn’t just a random baby, but her own baby that came out of her. How can she not feel any kind of affection for her own baby? And the baby was fully normal, not even handicapped or something. We know for sure she’s a leftist, in California only leftists live, besides look at those hipster glasses.

In a horrifying story out of Redwood City, California, a 25-year-old McDonald’s worker was caught attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet.

“Sarah Lockner, 25, has been accused of attempted murder after police say she was seen trying to flush a baby down a McDonald’s toilet,” according to the Sun UK.

“Lockwood was allowed to clock off early from her evening shift at McDonald’s in Redwood City, California,” reports the British paper.

Sun UK reports:

Sarah Lockner, 25, allegedly locked herself in a cubicle after complaining of stomach pain before colleagues found blood coming from under the door.

She had been allowed to clock off early from her evening shift at the fast food branch in Redwood City, California on 4 September.

Two concerned co-workers later checked on her and found blood on the floor, according to local paper the San Mateo Daily Journal.

Officers arrived to find a newborn baby without a pulse and not breathing.

It was rushed to Lucil Packard Children’s Hospital and placed in an induced coma.

The baby is now recovering at a hospital with “the grace of God” while his mother has been charged with attempted murder.

How can she as a woman and mother do such a thing? She didn’t want to become a mother? Well she was already a mother from the second she was pregnant!

How can she do such a thing without thinking for a second “WHAT IF my mother would have done such a thing to me?” This poor baby boy… when he will grow up and learn that his mother tried to flush him down the toilet… If this child would be able to forgive such a horrible sin God will surely repay him in Heaven!

The monster is now trying to avoid punishment and jail time by lying that she didn’t know she was pregnant but how could she not know? Was she retarded? No menstruation for 9 months and she didn’t know she was pregnant! Right!!! Besides what difference does it make? Even if she didn’t know what difference does it make??

She then visited a bathroom at the restaurant several times during her night shift that caused a co-worker to become concerned. When the concerned co-worker entered the bathroom to check on Lockner, however, blood was observed on the floor which the cashier blamed on a heavy period. So as you can see she was caught lying as well because she was trying to get away with murder.

When a second colleague visited the bathroom they peered over Lockner’s stall and “saw a newborn baby face down in a toilet bowl.” Lockner also reportedly had her hand on the newborn’s back and the colleague reported hearing the toilet flush.

“There was a newborn baby boy in the toilet water,” Wagstaffe told KTVU. “She had her hand on the baby boy’s back pushing it into the water in an effort to kill it.”

The cashier begged her colleague not to call the police but that didn’t happen. Wagstaffe told the Los Angeles Times that when police arrived at the restaurant they found Lockner with the newborn in her arms.

The boy had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Officers performed CPR and rushed the boy to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto.

Along with the attempted murder charge, Lockner was also charged with felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury according to the Christian Post.

God must be really angry with humanity when humans become worse than animals. Again, we understand that she did this because she is a leftist and this is exactly what leftists like because after all they proudly support abortion but just remove politics from this and left or right or whatever, this is just inhumane, attempted murder and she should be locked up for it! The man who impregnated this monster also has a guilt because as a man you should be very careful with the kind of women you go out. If the monster would have managed to killed the poor baby, the man would have also taken the SIN upon him and God would have punished him for crime, as well, probably not as harsh as her but still. You don’t just go out randomly impregnating mentally ill women! You’re men not dogs in heat. Look for a damn wife and do that to her!

We lost our souls, we are like animals or worse since the demon of hell Charles Darwin was brought into this world! Renounce atheism now and return to God! White European people are the most sinful degenerated people on Earth since they turned their backs to Christianity. You cannot have any morals without God. You need God more than God needs you, its in your interest.

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