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Alex Jones Caves and Finally Admits the Unadmittable but Without Naming It

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This is big. Alex Jones actually discussed White Genocide on his show.

After days of cucking and talking about how the Alt-Right is a psyop and about not letting de gubmint divide us, Alex Jones pulled his head out of his ass and talked some sense for once.

He does that occasionally.

His argument was simple. The elites are using the migrants to undermine the cohesion and solidarity of the lumpenproles in the destination country. By creating a Tower of Babel in their countries, the elites can divide and conquer by keeping the different groups at each other’s throats while they enrich themselves and diddle children. Meanwhile, they keep their boots on the neck of the White population who would reject their policies of White replacement if given a vote.

I can agree with most of that. Well done, Alex.

Charlottesville has been a wonderfully clarifying moment. It has shown us who our friends are. People like Stefan Molyneux (who has an entire internet persona revolving around being pro-speech) have remained silent about the plight of Daily Stormer and other members of the Alt-Right.

Other people like the famous sci-fi writer and mulatto, Vox Day, have made unhinged claims about Anglin being several people and that no platform should feel obligated to host him…even if they claim to be for free speech. Yes, that’s right. Gab has caved and is censoring Anglin now. (More on that later)

Regardless of your personal opinion on Anglin, the witch-hunt against him is insane. And once they are finished with Anglin, they’ll come for us next. Which is why we have to back Anglin to the hilt as a movement, and anyone who doesn’t understand that is a petty blockhead.

Obviously then, Vox sees no cause for alarm.

On the other hand, it’s nice to see Assange coming around to our views as well. Here’s his take on White genocide:


Not bad, not bad. He just needs a little push.

Meanwhile, you have Boomers like the Saker who are coming around from their hippy left-wing beliefs and realizing that the only groups in the west that stand up to the Deep State are the Dissident Right. Soon he will acknowledge that in actual fact it is only the Alt-Right.

Overall, various streams of dissident media are converging. These are heady times. And I think I can safely say that it was our street antics that brought things to a boil.

You’re welcome.


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