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10 Tips for Creative Writing

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Read the tips to improve your creative writing, look around you and start seeing all the details of the world to write your book and make people love it.

Your imagination is a tool that you can use to write short and long stories. But what can you do to expand it and get the most out of it? We’ve prepared 10 tips for you to upgrade your writing skills and make your texts interesting and compelling for the readers.

1. Look around and make notes
Use people and things around you in your text. You can wear sunglasses if you feel worried about staring at someone else for hours. Here’s a short list of things that you can take from the surrounding world:
● Observe behavior and gestures of people;
● See how they change their voice and facial expression;
● Try to hear all the sounds around you;
● Record all the notes or write them down.

2. Read a lot
You cannot write a super great novel if you don’t read at all. The more you read the more variants of building and developing the plot you will have for your story. You can read anything starting from short ads and posts on FB to big and long novels. You can read in different languages. If you have no idea where to start, just go to Snappy Essays Writing Services and read their blog.

3. Run a blog
Make one post per day. Plan your posts for the next month and fill in each day with the topic that you love the most. You can change it if you feel inspired about something else. Make every post unique and valuable for you and for your future readers. Don’t worry, your blog won’t distract you from creating something really great. The more you write and the more evaluation you get from the readers the more ideas will appear in your mind.

4. Learn grammar
If you don’t know what the difference between a noun and a verb is, it’s time to start learning grammar. You will see what sentence structures you can use in your texts. You will know everything about the use of the tenses, modals, and articles. And you will train your brain to work harder and process big amounts of data. Grammar will make your text more accurate and smooth.

5. Keep a notebook near you
Or use a voice recorder to record all brilliant ideas that come to your mind at any time of day or night. You will soon wake up in the middle of the night and record superb ideas or even dreams that you have seen. You will start noticing how the weather changes together with the people that surround you. You will also start to see the things that you have never noticed before and you’ll love it.

6. Study. 7. Practice. 8. Repeat
These three tips should go together all the time. You should learn a new rule every day. Or you should have a talk with an experienced person. You should study something new and use it in your writing. It can be anything that you like or the things that you have been long dreaming to start learning. Learning new languages will make your brain work hard and generate dozens of new ideas for your writing all the time.

9. Find a mentor
You should find the person who will inspire you and let you have some rest from a monotonous workflow. It can be anyone who knows you well and can make you feel relaxed. A mentor can give you advice or just let you speak for hours and just listen to you. It’s not your coach or teacher of something. You don’t have to tell this person about his or her role in your life. But you should consider your meetings as sources of inspiration.

10. Write a book
You will soon notice that you’re writing a lot. If you get your book ready, print it and sell it. We won’t tell you how to do it, you will study this information yourself and you will make people read your book and leave feedbacks on it. You will evaluate your writing and you will see what your readers expect from you in the next book that you will soon start writing.

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