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10 Common Essay Mistakes to Avoid for Your Academic Success

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How to Find a Way to Avoid Mistakes in Your Academic Essay?

Do you want to avoid mistakes in your academic writer? Find 10 common mistakes in essay writing in our article and become straight A student!

Students do make mistakes in their essay. However, that does not mean that you should be one of those students. This article will help you improve the quality of your writing by explaining 10 common mistakes that all students make when writing an academic essay. Check them out, and you will never make them again!

You do not have a clear message
Have you decided on the idea you want to convey with your essay? If you haven’t, you are in a big trouble. Your essay will never be concise if you don’t know what exactly you want to tell your readers. If you keep making this mistake again and again, the results will be the same. So prior to writing, define a clear message, and your essay will be shining by far.

You use long and twisted sentences
You want to show that you’re good with the words. You really think that long sentences show your mastery. However, they are great for fiction but not academic writing. Separate your sentences into the smaller parts, and you’ll notice the difference. And your lecturers will notice it as well.

You have no outline
If you keep writing an essay following no outline, don’t expect for A. Only some of the most talented writers can create a perfect piece of writing with no outline. For a student, developing outline is a must, especially when you are to dwell upon different facts and arguments that need to prove your idea. This will help to preserve a logical structure of the paper.

You forget about quoting
Should you write a research paper, literature analysis, or application letter, you are to remember the rules of quoting. Plagiarism is a huge problem, and if you want to show that you’re against it, you are to quote.

You miss articles
Articles seem to be something not important when it comes to writing an academic paper. But your lecturers do care about the proper usage of English. Don’t be afraid to use articles, as they can serve to emphasize some ideas and make your writing better.

You ignore formatting
The format of your paper is one of the main requirements that college, school or university has. The most common format types are as following:

  • MLA
  • APA
  • Harvard
  • Chicago

Make sure you understand how to format your paper in a proper way. If you have some hesitations, check some references, as the demands to format styles are the same for any college or university.

You use contractions
Academic writing has some particularities that you should obey. Using contractions is now what your lecturers expect to see in your writing. Check your paper to make sure that you don’t use them by mistake.

You forget about conclusion
Conclusion is the same important as the introductory part and the main body. Never skip it if you want to get A. Moreover, you need to write a powerful conclusion that will prove the quality of your work.

You retell but not analyze
Academic writing is never about retelling something that you have read or heard. Your lecturers expect that you will show your critical thinking and ability to analyze the information. Put more efforts to follow this requirement, and your essay will turn to be the best one in your class.

You never spellcheck
Do you think that spelling mistakes are unimportant? Your lecturers definitely think the opposite. If you have no time for spellcheck, you can always use some apps or try professional assistance. Snappy Essays will be always by your side when it comes to writing and checking grammar and spelling. Don’t ignore such a possibility to get a high quality paper that has no mistakes!

Now you know the most common mistakes in essay writing. We hope that you’ll never make them again when working on your paper. Just keep in mind these 10 mistakes and do remember how to fix them. Your perfect essays are to come! Good luck!

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