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Zimbabwe: We will never prosecute those who killed white farmers

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This is exactly what’s waiting for us in Europe, America, Canada and Australia WHEN (NOT IF, but WHEN) we will become a minority. This is how these non-Europeans treat us. And one has to ask himself if America is such a policeman of the world, the policeman of morality and bla bla, then why isn’t America rightfully attacking Zimbabwe to remove this old monster from power?

The Zimbabwean president Mugabe addressed thousands of Zimbabweans during the country’s Heroes Day commemorations at the national shrine where he said:

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask: Why we should arrest them?”

So while his wife Grace Mugabe is beating South African model Gabriella Engels with extension cords in South Africa, Johannesburg, it seems Robert is back at home giving racist hateful speeches.

Robert Mugabe is a communist dictator and a genocidal maniac. He’s been leading Zimbabwe for 37 years now. He is leading Zimbabwe since 1980, first as a Prime Minister then as President from 1987 until today.

Isn’t it enough already? Besides election after election there are reports of widespread election fraud in Zimbabwe so he is illegitimate.

Furthermore he doesn’t have the support of any major power like Iran for instance.

It’s not like China or Russia is gonna jump in to protect Zimbabwe if NATO hits them. No one is gonna defend this vicious lunatic yet no one attacks him. One must wonder, is this what our leaders actually want to happen?

They opened our borders, we’re getting flooded with millions every year and its only a matter of time until we become a minority, then after we become a minority, this is whats waiting for us… sad, really sad!

It is like watching a horror movie. The problem is that our own people are too distracted by useless stuff. They argue over plastic modeled into phones, tablets, etc, our youths go outside, skateboarding breaking their bones and nuts and becoming infertile and our young adults (20-25) who were supposed to be the most productive, in terms of family, jobs, economy are out, drinking, laughing, like this is all there is to life on Earth, just a bunch of HA HA HAs! SOOO FUNNY! HA HA HA HA I’m so retarded, I can’t do anything else except for HA HA HA all day long!

We are left without national goals, missions, achievements and morals. This is soo sad, really really sad!

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