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Trump fires Steve Bannon, back to Breitbart, declares war on left

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Just as we predicted a few days ago, Trump has finally surrendered to his globalist friends whom he appointed in his administration and he finally fired chief strategist Steve Bannon. Leftists are in a frenzy celebrating on Twitter. While technically it wasn’t a firing and Bannon just resigned on his own, well it was no one other but Trump who made the call for Bannon to go, so if Bannon wouldn’t have resigned on his own, Trump would have fired him.

In this article, we did ask the question, “Loads of voters urged Trump back then on Twitter with the 2 hashtags: #KeepBannon and #FireKushner to leave Bannon alone and fire Kushner instead. Of course he didn’t fire his globalist son in law but at least Bannon managed to survive a few more months until now… Will he survive this time? Who knows…” Well now you know! He didn’t…

Trump never liked Bannon because Trump is NOT a nationalist, Trump is a globalist himself and he only took Bannon in as a signal to the nationalists who voted him in power. Now Trump believes that enough time has passed and he can safely fire Bannon without the nationalist noticing or getting to upset, after all he stayed there for 8 months, Trump probably believes, it’s enough.

This comes as NO shock whatsoever to us as we already predicted that globalist Trump will fire Bannon. This only shocks his alt-lite voters who still believe Trump is playing 4D intergalactic chess. No children, he’s not playing any chess against the leftists, he’s playing chess with you morons who still think he’s on your side. No he isn’t, he is a leftist himself, he has always been a liberal Democrat. All of this was just for show.

As everyone in the alt-lite including the likes of trickster Roger Stone is mumbling some mumbo-jumbo on why Trump fired Bannon but among all those crazy conspiracists, there is one sane voice who is getting it. The Doctor of Common Sense, a black nationalist is the only American so far who is angry with Trump for firing Bannon and who feels like betrayed.

So Trump finally listened to his globalist buddies telling him to fire Bannon… Rupert Murdoch, FOX News owner and big media mogul is one of them. Only 3 days ago we published on how Murdoch is pressuring Trump to fire Bannon. Many people believe FOX News is a right-wing TV station. Yeah right! Remember their historical reporting of the Charlottesville and how they sided with the violent leftist Antifas? Now this is anything but right-wing!

Then there’s… guess who… Matt Drudge of all people! Ohh yeah, such an improbable guy to lobby for the removal of Bannon. Matt Drudge is a self-described alternative media, alt-lite, something similar to Infowars, but then again Drudge is Jewish so no shock here either. After all Jews naturally hate any form of white people being nationalists or self-aware, all while advocating for ethnically pure state of Israel. Whatever!

People are just shocked with Drudge, but don’t be! He’s just showing his true colors… its typical for these people to behave this way, its in their blood. Just look at Steve Pieczenik, another catastrophe of example. He came late into the game claiming to be a nationalist and shet on Infowars and now hes up on Infowars mumbling about how all Alt-Right participants are in fact just CIA and FBI secret agents. Really comical, coming from a former CIA spy and psychiatrist who just happens to be…. drums please? Jewish! Yeah trust the psychiatrist spy, don’t trust the activists who just wanted to prevent the removal of a statue.

Trump’s Jewish daughter and Jewish son-in-law Kushner also lobbied for the removal of Bannon because as said before its natural for them to hate Bannon and last but not least it was also Trump’s new best buddy, globalist neocon McMaster.

How beautiful! But worry not sheeple, Trump is just playing a new level of 5D parallel world CHESS! Its just CHESS! He’s still a nationalist, he’s still on YOUR side.

I’m curious, who is gonna replace Bannon as chief strategist… Hmmm judging by how Trump appointed his administration so far… hmmm Richard Spencer! No! Just a joke! Probably some globalist similar to Mitt Romney or Bush or something. Ohh well, don’t worry its just Trump playing 5D intergalactic CHESS!

Now Bannon has just returned to Breitbart as the executive chairman and quickly issued a warning against leftists telling them that he has declared war against them and that he will do everything in

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