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Swedish Social Services Allow Returning ISIS Fighters to Raise Children

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Swedish social services are allowing returning ISIS jihadists to raise children while Swedish parents who try to homeschool their kids are harassed and fined, according to a shocking new report.

Sweden Radio reveals how jihadists are leaving Sweden to fight for ISIS, having children in Syria, then returning to Sweden with the children, who are not registered, have no social security number and are not vaccinated.

Asked, “Are you a suitable parent if you brought your child to Syria to fight with IS?”, Bettan Byvald, a social worker in Gothenburg, responds that some children brought into Gothenburg from ISIS-controlled areas “have stayed with the parents”.

The question of why Sweden is even allowing ISIS militants back into the country at all is not even asked in the report.

The idea of ISIS jihadists being allowed to raise and potentially radicalize children becomes even more absurd when you take into account the fact that Swedish parents who try to homeschool their kids are hounded by the state.

Homeschooling in Sweden is virtually non-existent since the government represses parents who attempt to do it.

According to the HSLDA, Thomas and Marita Sandberg, known as the “last known homeschooling family in Sweden,” have endured “threats, fines, investigations, and even public shaming as they continue to defend their right to teach their own.”

So in summary, Sweden punishes native born parents who merely wish to homeschool their children, while being lenient towards Islamic terrorists who return having fought for a group that literally beheads children.

Let that sink in.

As we previously highlighted, several prominent politicians in Sweden have advocated giving returning ISIS fighters welfare, free housing and government jobs in an effort to “re-integrate” them into Swedish society. It appears as though that is now in full swing.

Sweden has become notorious for following such an extreme brand of open borders multiculturalism that it is now in the process of sacrificing its own national identity for the sake of virtue signalling and “diversity”.


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  • It is obvious that the Leaders of Sweden are horribly FAILURES and need to be kicked to the curb! What dumbass they are!

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