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Steve Bannon may be fired by Trump after Rupert Murdoch pressure

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Wow, just wow, we supported Trump and we still do, we still think he is probably better than that old witch Hillary Clinton, HOWEVER, Trump continues to disappoint his base. Why the heck would he listen to FOX News globalist Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion to fire Steve Bannon? Why would he even consider that?

Now can we continue to call Trump a “nationalist” despite everything he’s doing? Sure he saved the economy and yes he did, I mean there is simply no room left for discussion here. America still has its huge trillions of dollars of debt but at least some of it is being paid off and the economy is obviously getting better.

Now with that said this is pretty much everything that Trump did substantially in more than half of year. He vowed to build the wall, deport all the illegals and instate a Muslim ban. Sure he was met with opposition but still why isn’t he fighting back more aggressively? And then there’s another problem, why has he stuffed his own cabinet with with globalists and neocons? Unacceptable… And now this? He’s thinking of firing Bannon? Sure, fire him but kiss your 2020 reelection hopes goodbye because those “evil racist nazis” you condemned in Charlotsville won’t vote for you for a second time if you continue this path Mr president!

And now why is Trump considering to fire Bannon? Because Rupert Murdoch is “repeatedly urging” Trump? Why can’t Trump just tell Murdoch to go F himself?

Because it appears that we were all tricked and Trump is not the nationalist he lied to us that he is. This isn’t only Murdoch’s suggestion at work here, Trump himself is “irritated” with Bannon because Bannon doesn’t like his globalist pal H.R. McMaster… and this isn’t the first episode. Trump removed Bannon from the security council when he attacked Syria and Bannon opposed it. Then there’s also the episode between Bannon and Kushner. Trump came very close to firing Bannon back then because he didn’t get along with his Jewish globalist satanist son-in-law Kushner.

Loads of voters urged Trump back then on Twitter with the 2 hashtags: #KeepBannon and #FireKushner to leave Bannon alone and fire Kushner instead. Of course he didn’t fire his globalist son in law but at least Bannon managed to survive a few more months until now… Will he survive this time? Who knows…

Now to make matters worse Trump is suspecting Bannon of being THE LEAKER in the White House! Hahaha! Sure, suspect your most loyal nationalist supporters, don’t suspect that globalist pesky rat Kushner who disavowed you and didn’t even support you until very late in the game.

Very disappointing and I doubt the nationalists would vote for Trump a second time.


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