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Mike Flynn has list of Deep State pedophiles, threatens release - Roger Stone

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Roger Stone has issued a warning against the Deep State, saying that General Michael Flynn has a list of high level pedophiles, the release of which will decimate the Deep State donors.

The problem with this info is that this shouldn’t be kept as a blackmail in order to subdue the deep state because this makes you just as bad as them. If you have such info, freaking release it, these people need to be executed and imprisoned for life in jail, but no probably public executions are the best.

These people who are pedophiles, they are not just pedophiles, even though that in itself is grotesque, there is even more grotesqueness added to these people, because these children are kidnapped from families, most end up dead in Satanic rituals, etc.

So if Mike Flynn truly has such a list and uses it for blackmailing “if you don’t do this I’m gonna release this”, this makes him just as bad because in the mean time, children suffer, let’s say he releases this info 1 year later or never if the Deep State submits, children will continue to suffer just so he can get the things he wants from these monsters. The right way is to mass arrest each and every single one of these bastards then execute them in public, with all TV stations forced to air them live OR ELSE!

The world needs a little bit of Hitler, if he were alive today as the president of America, he would skin these monsters alive and make lampshades and soap bars out of them which is exactly what they deserve. We’re turning too soft and too tolerant. Why are we tolerating these monsters?

What’s interesting is that Roger Stone seems to have the list himself as well, he already named one of the pedos from the list in another Tweet… John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager.

So here’s Roger Stone’s own Tweet:

And here’s his second Tweet exposing one of the pedos:

And here’s a bit of more commentary from David Seaman, a former Huffington Post journalist, this man has done a tremendous work to expose this whole Pizzagate thing:

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  1. NakhashKadmoni says:

    The Nazis would have done nothing to Deep State…in fact, the Deep State were secret allies of the Reich – rampant pederasty among Nazi officers and all!

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