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"Its OK to fire Bannon, he didn't make Trump", Here's Why You're Wrong!

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Most Donald Trump supporters are now peddling the words of political trickster Roger Stone, “Its OK to fire Steve Bannon because Bannon didn’t make Trump the man he is, Bannon isn’t Trump’s architect, Trump had all those ideas way before Bannon who only joined the game late, in the last few months.”

Now this is 100% TRUE! Yes believe it or not, despite the title of this article, this is indeed not just 20% true or 50% true but 100% true! Bannon had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign, ideas or his messages. For example Trump announced that he wants to build a wall with Mexico way back in June 2015.

He announced the shutting down of all Muslims entering in the US way before Bannon and so on. If anything Bannon might have helped tone down his message a little bit in order to appease to the masses but the really aggressive strong nationalist ideas you heard, came directly from the president’s mind not from Bannon.

But wait! Now here’s the CATCH, there’s always a catch you know. Just because Trump is his own architect, doesn’t mean he should have fired Bannon who was also a strong nationalist. If we judge this way, it means Trump should now fire his entire staff because none of those Democrat cucks are his architects. Certainly Kushner for example who OPPOSED Trump until very late in the game, is NOT Trump’s architect. Kushner in fact is the one who pushed out Bannon because “hes too right-wing and conflicting with his Jewish faith”.

Just because Bannon isn’t Trump’s architect, doesn’t mean Trump should surround himself with leftist scumbags disguised as Republicans. If anything the hiring of Bannon symbolized that Trump wanted to have people SIMILAR to him, around him. Now, Trump has only people different to him, Democrats under disguise, posing as Republicans. Kushners, McMasters, Cohn, Mnuchin and so on. How could this benefit any of you out there?

This argument is getting insane, even the likes of Richard Spencer is now using this argument in defense of Trump. At what point will you stop defending the president? Just a year ago he was beating his chest saying that he opposed the Iraq war, now he just announced more troops to Afghanistan, shortly after kicking anti-interventionist Steve Bannon.

If none of you see the firing of Bannon as a bad omen, then you people should quit politics because you are too gullible. Why can’t you just accept the fact that you were lied to and that Trump isn’t the nationalist he claims to be. We were all lied to and tricked! Just look at this Tweet for example and tell me how is this guy a “nationalist” when he says these things? He sounds just like your average Social Justice Warrior leftist:

People still say that Trump knows what he is doing and that this is part of the plan. Yes he surely knows what he’s doing alright and its NOT in your favor. Enough with your 4D chess already! I’m sick and tired of people in denial saying this is all just chess!

I know its hard to accept that you were tricked! But you were… This man is no different than Hillary Clinton. His presidency is as if she won! When Trump does these kind of things, he only gives more victories to the left, WILLINGLY! How else can you translate his moves? He is part of them, part of the left.

Look here, this man is the smartest of all you idiots combined, he gets it, he understands that we were all tricked. He truly does deserve his nickname “The Doctor of Common Sense”:

And I don’t wanna hear any of the “The doctor was never a Trump voter in the first place, he is just posing as one bla bla bla!” BS! This is all just pure BS! Like us here at the EU Times, The Doctor of Common Sense”, E.T. Williams was one of the VERY EARLY Trump supports, one of those who supported him since day 1 when he announced because we loved the idea of building a wall. I heard this argument being brought so often, its shocking. Whenever a Trump supporter turns against the president for not delivering, he gets fingered “Ohhh you were never a Trump voter! You are just lying, go back to Hillary!”

What is wrong with you people!?!?!?!??

You people formed yourselves a cult of personality. We don’t like Trump for being Trump, it can be Cruz, Hillary, Bernie or whoever, I really don’t care about the face nor the name. I liked Trump because of the wall, deportations and other things he promised to us. He is now not delivering on them, why should you support him anymore? Just because he’s Trump? This is just a cult of personality worshiping, similar to worshiping of actors such as Brad Pitt but we are not into that, we’re into ideology, principles, character, morals and sticking up to your promises.

Liberals are praising the firing of Bannon on Twitter, the question is why are Trump supporters praising it along with the liberals?

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