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How Trump got "elected" with the help of Secret Societies

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Is Trump playing intergalactic 4D ultra HD chess? Are you guys gonna defend him regardless of what he’s doing, saying that he’s only playing chess? Or is Trump simply a globalist stooge? Indeed it sure looks like it. After all no one gets to be a president in capitalist countries, especially in America, without the approval of Freemasonries, Illuminati and other satanist secret societies.

So this man, this false prophet who promised the seas and their salt to us could not have been the president without their approval and this was only just for show. They felt that the white man was angry and brewing a revolution so they didn’t want us to have our own real revolution, so what they did, they gave us a fake one instead with Trump as our revolutionary…

You should read this regardless of how yuge you consider it because I’m about to burst your Trump bubble!

Remember that video of Newt Gingrich where he said “he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, you know he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he didn’t belong to the secret society” from 2016? It was all a well orchestrated scam!

This is how I imagine the brewing of Trump presidency, in its primordial stage, perhaps somewhere around early 2015 or even 2014… I can imagine those vile rats discussing at a round table. Remember this is all just fictional and purely imagination but I’m willing to bet that this is exactly what happened:

Vermin leader at some Bilderberg meeting, Bohemian Groove or whatever: The nazi white man is evil racist and needs to die, exterminated from the face of the planet forever!

Vermin crowd starts clapping and cheering: Yeaaaaah! That’s right, exterminate all whites, bring billions of migrants in their countries everywhere they live and let them intermarry and get attacked by terrorists until they all go extinct!!! Yaaay!

Vermin leader (who knows who he is by the way, Rothschild? Soros?): Yes brothers and sisters but we’ve got a problem, many of them are waking up and revolting, we need to stop them before they stop us, but worry not, I have a plan! We will give them their fake revolution, instead of allowing them to have a real one, we will give them a man who will talk big, a man who will tell them everything they want to hear but that man will do what we say for he will be one of us, he will be someone new to politics so that they fully trust him. He will condemn us all while do nothing to us. However this man will obey our every order we give for without us he will not win. This will make those evil whites feel good and go back to their slumber, believing that they won.

Vermin crowd: But master, what if he truly becomes a nationalist and turns against us at some point?

Vermin leader: Not gonna happen my devilish satanist snakes from the pits of hell. We will choose someone that will have some sort of dirt that we could blackmail him with if he chooses to disobey.

Vermin crowd: Great idea ohh Lucifer himself in flesh and bones, the Antichrist, the leader of us devils, but how do we convince the evil white nazis that all need to die, that he is authentic and one of them and not one of us?

Vermin leader: Ohh this is simple, we own the entire media, don’t we?

Vermin crowd: Yesssss sssso?

Vermin leader: We will direct the media to bash him, always criticize him even to the point of being silly and dumb, such as eating 2 scoops of ice cream instead of 1, so when the stupid nazis that all need to die will see all this criticism, they will start to love him, believing that he is one of them because us devils hate him.

Vermin crowd: Ohhh yes! You are so smart Lucifer, this is a great great plan indeed! All hail you, the father of lies and deception!

Vermin leader: Ladies and gentlemen, sorry I meant pedophiles and criminals…… I GIVE YOU………….. DONALD J TRUMP!

Vermin crowd: YEAAAAAAH!!!

Vermin leader: He is a good friend of ours, led Jewish parades in New York, a good friend of Bibi, has a satanist son-in-law, a good friend of Clintons, he will act a little bit about arresting them but he won’t because they are good friends, a visitor of the Epstein island so we can blackmail him if necessary and there’s plenty more of it.

Vermin leader: We will stage a bunch of candidates with zero chances that just won’t give up, making the people believe that we are soooo heavily opposing Trump and trying to block him all the time, we will invent some Russian conspiracy case because we do need to get rid of that evil patriot Putin anyway, we need to install our own demon in Moscow as well! We will have leaks and hacks and conspiracies on top of conspiracies. It will be like a circus you’ve never seen before but the white evil bastards will believe it because it will look authentic. In this process we will take some dirt on us but when we’re done we will be rise as the saviors.

Vermin crowd: YEAAAAAAH!!! Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump!

And this is how I picture it, this is how I see Donald J Trump getting “elected”. No one is truly elected, but SELECTED, especially in America, are you forgetting about who owns the voting machines?

So what led me to believe such a scenario? Well let’s see, here’s a bunch of broken promises proving that this man is a total fraud and an actor:

Mexico Border Wall

Trump said right when he announced that he is running for president that he will build a wall, yet he passed a fiscal budged this year that did NOT include financing the wall. Yes apparently DHS is working on wall prototypes but they won’t be built if there’s no money, right? Chuck Schumer already congratulated Trump on canceling the wall. If Chuck is congratulating Trump, you gotta know its bad! The wall isn’t gonna be built, wake up!

Mass Deportations

Trump said he will deport everyone in America illegally. In fact Trump was competing with Ted Cruz on who is the hardest on deportations now look, he only deported a handful of criminals here and there but the massive populations, the tens of millions, are still here!! Where’s the load of trains going in and out 24/24? You’ve been lied to. What’s worse is that Trump himself back in April 2017 personally approved amnesty for all illegal aliens and later on in June 2017 his DHS secretary John F. Kelly gave 1.3 million illegals amnesty. John F. Kelly is now serving as chief of staff after firing Reince Priebus.

Muslim Ban

What about that “complete and total shut down of Muslims entering the United States”? The Muslim ban was among the first things Trump “tried” to do after he got into office, yet he just got blocked 2 times by some Chinese judges from Hawaii then he gave up. Well what did he think it was gonna happen when he promised to the people that Muslim ban? Didn’t he think he would met some opposition? Why no back-up plan? Why doesn’t he just remove those judges and deport them back to China? Surely no white American can go to China, become a judge then dictate to the Chinese who they should allow into their country. 57% of his voters support this ban, yet nothing! Actually on the contrary, there has been a 206% increase in Muslims entering the United States since Trump got elected. How nice! What a strong nationalist…


Now this was a beauty. While maybe not all his voters agreed with all of his promises, the repealing and replacement of Obamacare was desired by everyone! He failed! So did Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell! Yet another broken promise and while maybe this isn’t directly Trump’s fault, well he could order Martial Law and order everyone arrested for treason. I’m sure his voters would approve of that.

China Economic Conflict

Trump vowed to return all factories from China and have them MADE IN USA. Haha what a joke, not a single company returned from China and where’s that 35% tariff he used to threaten China with? He also called China a currency manipulator, well no longer, China is now America’s best friend who is going to solve the problem of North Korea!!! Yeah right, China doesn’t care China just subtly told America that in case of war, it will take North Korea’s side.


There isn’t much to say about this issue other then Trump promising to make a heaven on earth for the vets in need of hospital, yet he didn’t do anything. He said that everyone forgot about the vets. Ha! Looks like he did as well.

Trump Administration

He filled his administration with what WE CONSIDER (apparently Trump doesn’t) as enemies of Trump. Priebus, McMaster, Kushner, etc. He also got Nikki Haley as his UN head after endorsing Marco Rubio and saying a lot of mean words against him. He fired his loyalists instead, Mike Flynn, Anthony Scaramucci and now threatening to fire Steve Bannon.

Right-wing Condemnations

Why has Trump come out to condemn the AltRight for their rally in Charlottesville? I think this says it all. Why would he condemn his voters and supports who had a freaking permit to be there but no condemn Antifa who threw feces, concrete, bricks and other stuff at them? One of them even blinded Baked Alaska a well known right-wing activist and a Trump supporter in a vicious acid attack. I think this says it all.

Hillary Clinton & George Soros

Trump threatened Hillary Clinton with jail time for her evil doings, he said that if he wins he is going to instruct his attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into her situation. That didn’t happen, nor will it ever happen! He also brought up Bill’s past rapes yet buried everything now. Ohh look its raining! The minute he won, among his victory speech, he already congratulated “wonderful person” Hillary Clinton who fought very hardly, bla bla bla and other BS! Unbelievable! Even though he kept While Trump didn’t spend much time with Soros despite being the most powerful driving force of the left, he did hinted once in a ad campaign that Soros is a bad guy suggesting that he should probably be arrested. Nothing, to this day, he didn’t mention Soros once, as if he doesn’t even exist despite his rat son-in-law Kushner lending 1 freaking BILLION dollars from this vermin leader.

More Foreign Wars

Trump fought with all media scumbags to convince them that he was AGAINST the Iraq war and that he is against all wars and that America should not intervene anymore. He said that America should stop being the policeman of the world and “Americanism not globalism”. What a sick joke, the minute he got in, he bombed Syria, threatened Iran and now he is threatening North Korea and Venezuela with military action.

Russia Relations

One of the most “outrageous” things Trump ever said, well at least according to the lunatic liberals, was that America should stop brewing World War 3 with Russia and that America should be a friend of Russia because it would be a good thing. Back then he accused Hillary of warmongering a risky World War 3 in which billions of people would die. He said he wants to get along with Putin, umm yeah right! Why is he sending more weapons to Poland and why is he passing sanctions on Russia tougher than those of Obama? Putin is in a state of shock, he also believed there for a moment that the warmongering will stop, ohh well he also got fooled.

The Mainstream Media

The media, continues to bash him extremely hard. Trump doesn’t do anything despite threatening libel laws before being elected. He didn’t do anything, well of course he didn’t he’s as fake as you get. Well lets say he can’t! Well at least he could kick out some of those nasty journalists such as Jim Acosta from White House briefings! Nope not even that less of a retaliation. And this doesn’t look suspicious at all? That Trump does not retaliate not even a little bit? If Obama would have been the president now and some right-wing TV stations (which do NOT exist) would bash him non-stop 24/24, he would have sent them all to FEMA camps.

Voter Fraud

Project Veritas exposed voter fraud on more than one occasion yet Trump rarely brought it up and felt somewhat uncomfortable by the tapes as if “I know what I’m doing, I don’t want your stuff. We already have our game set up, we don’t need your help.” Sure he never said that but its what he always gave the impression. He never felt impressed by James O’Keffe. Any normal sane person would have used this info to prosecute the alleged fraudsters yet Trump didn’t.

Limited Terms for Congress

Shhhhhhhh! Has Trump ever promise such a thing? Noooooo of course not, ohhh look its raining outside! Since his election he hasn’t even talked about this once, though he promised to do something to limit the terms for politicians who make a living out of being congressmen such as John McCain for example or Lindsey Graham. Well we know now that this is just another broken promise.

Roger Stone phenomenon

Roger Stone is a well-known political fraudster and a trickster. He was everywhere on alternative media such as Infowars, Newsmax and basically everywhere lying about how nationalist Trump is and how he is going to do this and that and bla bla bla! Pfff nothing! A big fat fart! It was always greatly exaggerated and this man appears to be assigned as the agent meant to promote Trump among right-wingers by the Vermin Leader. Stone was always a bombastic figure, claiming to be a close friend of Donald Trump. He always suggested that Trump is such a big nationalist and that we don’t really know how nationalist he is, but he knows because he met with him numerous times, bla bla yadda yadda! Look at this example, not long ago Stone said that he knew for a fact that Kushner is the White House leaker and that Trump will fire him. Either Stone is part of the conspiracy by the vermins, or he is simply some random guy who wanted to make some money and build some fame out of this campaign while Trump barely even knows him. Trump never disavowed him so maybe he is part of the conspiracy, who knows, in any case this person is strange to say the least. He still promotes Trump to this day as if Trump is still campaigning and meeting opposition ahead. No no let’s get things straight, he’s got absolute power, he is the most powerful man in the world right now, if he doesn’t get things done, its because he doesn’t want to. Hes got money and power, what else do you need to DRAIN THE SWAMP? Ohh you thought we forget about that one? We haven’t!

These things go unnoticed because they are happening in slow motion but if you compile them together like I did here, you will see a huge pattern of you being a total jackass!

Now if you wanna continue to kiss his ass just because he put down a good show for the past 2 years, be my guest but open your eyes and see the truth, this man is not what he claims to be. He is as false as 1+1=3!

Very disappointing and I doubt the nationalists would vote for this fraud of a man a second time.

But worry not America, remember, whatever happens, Donald Trump didn’t mean it, he’s just playing chess!

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