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Google Declares OPEN WAR on Right-Wingers, Here's how to DESTROY them

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Google has declared an OPEN WAR, without any hiding, any masquerading whatsoever against the right wing. Ahoy! Full censorship ahead! Google is now openly left wing only and left wing friendly after firing their own engineer for talking about gender differences.

We have not made public until now but Google has also attacked us, the EU Times. While we have collaborated for the last 7 years, it was never an open collaboration and it was always more of a restrictive boss-to-employee collaboration. We had to obey to their strict rules, no this, no that, NO NO NO NO NO! A lot of freaking NOs! No right-wing extremism and they could deem basically anything they didn’t like as “right-wing”, no sexy images of girls because Muslims might get offended, no mini-skirts, no bra pics, no see thru, no nothing, NO NO NO NO NO NO! That’s what Google is, a bunch of NOs. And finally guess what, over a month ago, even though we obeyed their strict rules for the most part, they finally decided to suspend our Adsense account for supporting Trump. Honestly we’re shocked they didn’t suspend us long ago, because we declared our support for Trump since June 2015 when he first announced that he would run. Well they didn’t suspend our account until only a month ago but however that doesn’t mean they didn’t affect us in any other way. They almost completely removed our website from their search results, cutting our traffic flow and about that, we’ve posted back then, so it’s nothing new.

Google was also involved in political corruption and campaign collusion openly supporting one candidate, here’s a few examples: Wikileaks exposes Clinton colluding with Google, Research Proves Google Manipulates Millions to Favor Clinton, Google Censors ‘Hillary Clinton Health Problems’ Search Results, Google Hides “Clinton Body Count” Search Suggestions, Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump, Google Caught Oppressing Search Results and Anti-Clinton Conservative Websites, Wikileaks’ Assange: Google Working with Clinton Campaign, Google faces Billions of Dollars in Fines over Search Results Censorship. As for our Google Adsense account? Don’t you worry about that, if you truly care about us, donate to us monthly and it would be more than enough! If any of you donated just $5 a month which is nothing, then we would earn more than enough to continue to operate normally. Plus there are thousands of Google Adsense alternatives! And by the way that’s why we were inactive for almost 2 weeks, because we were having an internal debate on what we’re gonna do next. So don’t forget it would be of tremendous help if you guys donated on a monthly basis whatever you can spare. Right now we only have “make a one time donation” buttons set in place but we will make a couple of monthly subscription donation buttons where you automatically donate a sum set by you.

Now guess what!? Their war is much bigger than us, just recently they suspended other right-wingers on their YouTube website: RageAfterStorm who would only come back somewhere in the future, Tara McCarthy who already managed to make a comeback, Millennial Woes and many others. This is just the beginning, these freaks will continue to wage war until we stop them. Google is now even attacking Pewdiepie, demonetizing his videos. Google is probably thinking that we’re children who need a spanking and then we’re gonna behave. Haha, on the contrary, we’re gonna become more aggressive if you spank us. In response, Pewdiepie for example made a number of videos jokingly praising Hitler and the alt-right. Of course, Google continued to punish him but he didn’t care, he already has enough money to live like a king for the rest of his life. Really funny stuff.

Well on the bright side, now that we no longer work with Google, we are free to bash them as hard as we can and we are free to uncensor ourselves and talk as dirty as we want, be as right-wing as we want and basically be FREE. Google was our filter, we always had a lot more to say but we refrained from saying it because of Google, now that its bye bye Google, you’re gonna hear a lot more from us not only about Google, but about political issues as well. From now on we’re gonna be unfiltered.

So how do we destroy Google? Well the first basic thing to understand when you fight against Google or Youtube, is that WHO or WHAT is Google? Well BEFORE being a giant multi-billion company and all, Google is just a DOMAIN NAME. That is all what Google is, a DOMAIN NAME, GOOGLE.COM! Before becoming the multi-billion dollar communist shit they are now, they were just that, a garage website started by some whatever communist Jews from the Soviet Union such as Sergey Brin. Now the fact that Google is rich, its important to remember that it is rich because of us, because we visit their domain name, click on their ads and generate revenue for them.

Google is definitely not the only domain name for search engines, there’s also bing.com, yandex, duckduckgo.com, dogpile.com and many other search engines. Google used to search through the internet and show you the results you searched for based on SEO word match. No more! Google is shit now, it’s pure garbage and vomit. Now it shows you search results based on some messed up political preferences, such as being left-wing, political correctness, content quality, content length and other BS. So now it doesn’t matter how nice you optimize your website, it doesn’t matter an article of yours may match word for word with what a user is searching, if your website is blacklisted with them, you’re gonna be totally excluded from their search results, like we are. So since they are at war with us, F YOU GOOGLE, we are at war with you too! No more apologies, TOTAL WAR you want, TOTAL WAR you’re gonna get! We could if we wanted to, change our domain name to whatever, such as SJWTimes.net FluffyNews.com PuffyTimes.net and continue to operate with Google but why do such a thing? Why obey? Why should we change our domain just for another domain because in essence that’s exactly what Google is, just a domain.

As for YouTube, ohh dear. There’s so many alternatives to that, it’s ridiculous. Never heard of vimeo.com, dailymotion.com, liveleak.com and so many others? Are you whacked in the head? Are you living under a rock? While there aren’t thousands of search engines, there are definitely thousands of video hosting websites on the internet.

So in short, without any more useless bla bla, how do we destroy Google? Well it’s easy, don’t use their websites anymore, use a different mail, try yandex.com for example or other Russian emails such as email.ru. Why Russian? Well why not? Their websites are in English, so exactly WHY NOT? What is your benefit from using an American mail in the first place? All you get, is SPIED ON and your data sent to NSA and DHS. Now if you use a Russian mail for example, even if they spy on you, even if you do something that they don’t like, what can they do to you? Come to America to arrest you? :)) They have no jurisdiction, especially now amid the ongoing US-Russian conflict. At least if they were friends maybe they could ask for your local police to come after you or something but now that the West is in conflict with Russia, Russian services won’t give a shit what you say in your email and how right-wing you are. You can be as nazi as you want. The only thing they could do would be to suspend your email which is unheard of.

Use alternative search engines and alternative video hosting websites, let their traffic percentages drop. The fewer visitors they get the faster and harder their bankruptcy will hit them.

Don’t use Google + as social networking, its shit anyway, but don’t use Facebook or Twitter either, use Gab.ai instead or some Russian websites such as vk.com or ok.ru or any other website which will allow you freedom of speech. Freedom of Speech should be a basic human right but these Jew companies such as Google and Zuckerberg’s Facebook believe that its their duty to restrict what you say. No no no, it doesn’t work like that. We’re gonna f you up mofos!

According to most statistics Google is already falling like a rock, while Bing is gaining more ground. Sure it’s still far far away from Google, but who cares? Again, Google is just a domain name, nothing more, just stop using it and they’re done! They are where they are because of you! Because YOU use them, and then you complain when they oppress you? They oppress you because there’s no competition, there’s only monopoly and the EU fined the bastards more than once but its surely not enough, they should fine them until they put them out of their business. After all when you buy a Samsung phone with Google Android, it comes pre-loaded with tons of bloat Google software that you never asked for such as play store, gmail, voice search, google +, play music, play books, play newsstand, play games, hangouts, chrome, drive, photos, etc. Most of these apps, auto-sync and steal your data without asking you as well. Where’s the competition??? Fine them EU!

Those Google guys are really imbeciles, they are not thinking clearly, they are believing that they are punishing us when they suspend our accounts. In fact what they are doing, is they are unleashing us from their chains because while we worked with them, for the most part, excepting a few slips here and there, we kept our mouths shut about many things, but now, we’re unchained, what’s gonna keep us now from naming the unnameable? Its long said that money can buy your silence, and shamefully it was true, while they paid nicely we kept our mouths shut, then they started to reduce our revenue, so we started to bash them, sending signals, finally they didn’t get the message and they suspended us altogether, so now we’re unfiltered, total open war on Google and leftists. With their behavior, they are creating more right-wingers but let them, its good!

So basically whenever you use them you also provide them with free advertisement, because you never say “search for that on the internet” or “bing it”, nope, you say to your friends “google it” and that in itself is free advertisement to these bastards which do nothing for you in return while they bathe in billions of YOUR dollars and oppress freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of association. Together, we will take them down but we need your help so please make a donation and share our links on social media to your friends, we need more traffic and more visitors.

We aren’t the only ones, Infowars is also declaring full war against Google, calling them psychopaths, criminals, communists, SJWs and other names! Yeap, let’s destroy those cuckold leftist communist bastards!

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