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Fired Engineer James Damore calls Google "Goolag" in HQ protest

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Last week, Google erroneously fired senior software developer James Damore after a memo he published on gender and diversity in the workplace went viral.

During his protest James wore a t-shirt with the word “Goolag” written on it, in a reference to the communist Soviet gulags, which were basically concentration camps for people who opposed communism. Yes its no secret that Google is a communist garbage these days that we all need to unite our forces against and work to destroy them.

Scientists claim Damore’s memo was scientifically accurate.

And then on Friday anti-Google street art by SABO has since appeared in Los Angeles, showing the late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs’ face above its “think different” slogan against Google’s Indian CEO Sundar Pichai picture that reads “Not So Much.”

Another street art piece shows the Apple logo with the phrase “get hired” and a Google logo with “get fired” next to it. But then again what do you expect when you get a INDIAN street pooper to lead our companies in our fucking countries! We whites are so cuckold-ed. As a white man go to India and lead TATA Motors then dictate to the Indians what to think and what to say. Hahaha you will end up eaten alive.

SABO provided high-resolution photos of the anti-Google street art to The Gateway Pundit.


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