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British model stages kidnapping to launch career, then does topless photoshoot

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British model Chloe Ayling, 20 staged her own kidnapping with a Polish guy she knew in Italy, Milan then claimed she was about to be sold to Arabs in the Middle East as a sex slave. The guy was allegedly part of a so-called kidnapping group called “Black Death”. All of this is ALLEGED, even the police uses this term and refuses to acknowledge the authenticity of her story.

Then out of the blue the guy who kidnapped her released her because she has a baby and in the mail he informed her of her release he was careful to slip in the words “You are certainly aware of your value” making her seem important and expensive. Wow would you look at that? A kidnapper with morals! He released her because she’s a mother… too bad she doesn’t behave because she’s a mother!

Now just days after experiencing this alleged kidnapping trauma which hasn’t been proven as being authentic, this woman is now prostituting herself, selling pictures of her naked body. UN-F-ING-BELIEVABLE! So its obvious she wanted attention, so she can launch her career world wide and she just happens to be trauma free within days. Now she’s ready for a photo-shoot and possible book deal! These pathetic new generations of clamoring fame youngsters are quite evil if they plan to be abducted for their pockets and bank accounts to be filled.

Women can truly be evil sadistic bastards when they want to and it looks like Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer seems to be right when calling for White Sharia. This is like the most extreme version of how evil a woman can be we’ve ever seen.

It was just a public stunt, a total LIE, the majority of people believe. Just read the comment sections of all major fake news media outlets. Nobody believes her story!

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