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Berkeley v2.0: CIA Alt-Lite "Nazis" Beaten Senseless by Antifa

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So the CIA operated alt-lite movement organized a tiny rally in Berkeley to talk about how much they love Donald Trump regardless of how many of his campaign promises he broke and regardless that he has surrounded himself with deep state globalists. The organizers were quick to label their rally “The Happy Unicorn Rainbow Trump Rally”.

Just joking… but seriously now, they were quick to denounce any Alt-Right that might attend their puffy-fluffy rally.

Despite how Kosher, soft and kuckish their rally was planned to be, Antifa showed up as usual. Now Antifa taught them a valuable lesson: “We don’t care you guys say you aren’t nazis, you still are nazis and the only good nazi is a DEAD nazi!” LITERALLY! Antifa literally had such signs with them. No joke this time.

So what does this tell? No matter how soft and cuck and flower and unicorn and puffy and fluffy and kosher and hippie and mainstream you are, as long as you oppose ONE single idea of theirs, you become their nazi enemies.

It doesn’t matter how much you flap and gibber your lips trying to explain how cuckish soft you are, they will still perceive you as a racist nazi.

So to sum it all up, if you are alt-lite, there are only 2 sides in this battle, either become full 100% cuck and go join Antifa or man the fuck up and join the Alt-Right! You’re gonna be called a racist nazi anyway.

In case a civil war will break loose, there will only be 2 teams, the anarcho communists (Antifa) and the pro-liberty, pro-white identity, anti-immigration so called nazis.

Now if you’re alt-lite and don’t agree with the pro-white identity part, then go join antifa, these guys literally hate all whites and if given the chance, they would probably wipe ALL whites from America, not just some, but all.

There are now reports that they are even beating up their own antifa members for being “too white”.

So it’s simple, really, you’re either anti-white or pro-white and being pro-white doesn’t mean you wanna do something bad to non-whites. I have yet to hear one single Alt-Right pro-white member saying he wants to do something to non-whites.

It’s a myth created by the mainstream media, now you wanna believe the fake news media in this case but not in other cases?

Even far-right extremists such as Andrew Anglin or David Duke have never said they would wanna harm others. All they say is that they don’t wanna live in the same country with others. Now if you don’t agree with that you always have Antifa and their multicultural utopia paradise. Don’t distance yourself from these guys because you can’t, once you are a rightist, the leftists will associate you with them either you like it or not.

The only way to make a distinction between you and these guys, is by debating them, saying that you are in the same team with them, maybe even against your own will BUT you disagree with them on this and that while you agree on this and that. Just like Richard Spencer is doing, he debated both David and Andrew but he showed that he does not agree with all of their ideas. For example, Richard disagrees with them that all of this is the fault of globalist Jews. At the same time he does not reject them just because he disagrees with them on one or 2 ideas because simultaneously he disagrees with the left on ALL their ideas. Richard is like the perfect model on how everyone should be like.

No matter how much you wanna distance yourself as an alt-lite from the alt-right, you will still get called a racist nazi who needs to die! It doesn’t matter how much you try to explain to them that you aren’t a nazi, they will still believe that you are one. You can’t change these people’s minds regardless of what you do or say because they are driven by pure essence of hate surpassing any other type of hate on this planet.

Now this article isn’t gonna combat Anarchist ideas and if they are good or bad for you but one thing you must know is that these people wish to destroy America, as in Berkeley hundreds were heard shouting: No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!

Now with that said, Alt-Liters were quick to call Alt-Righters in Charlottesville “CIA owned and operated” just for holding a rally and for fighting with Antifa. Alex Jones, Steve Pieczenik, Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson were among them. Now how do you guys feel if the Alt-Right would call you CIA-operated for holding a rally, fighting with Antifa and for having the police flee on you, retreat to their stations and basically allow Antifa to freely smash you.

Man up! Choose a side! Here’s a video of the alt-liters being beaten by Antifas:

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