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Alt-Right & Alt-Left Clash in Charlottesville

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Left goes nuts! Black Lives Matters and Antifa communist terrorists throw urine, feces, ink, stones, water balloons, glue and even tear gas among other stuff while also pepper spraying alt-right activists. It was literally like a rain.

Even Infowars cameraman was pepper sprayed as the leftist violence intensifies.

Infowars’ Millie Weaver interviews protesters and counter-protesters at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Among the moderate alt-righters such as Richard Spencer, there were also neo-nazis such as the National Socialist Movement and the Traditionalist Workers Party flying swastika flags. However the nazis looked like the good guys compared to those psychopathic antifa terrorists. They were all peaceful and they behaved civilized and besides there’s nothing bad these people want in the first place. What do they want? To preserve their own race? What the hell is so bad about that? As long as you’re not hurting someone else like the commies are?

Its literally a war zone but unfortunately the right-wingers are not fighting back and they are getting their asses kicked by the communists. Even Infowars is siding with the nazis. This is crazy, the communists are out of control! They are literally behaving like ISIS terrorists.

Police sided with the communists, shouted at the right-wingers that they all had to leave because “this is an unlawful assembly”. What about the First Amendment and the freedom of assembly? Ohh who cares these days about that? We’re all just moral SJWs!

The police shouted at the megaphone that if the right-wingers do now disperse immediately they will all get arrested. The police did not threaten the leftists with arrest nor were they forced to disperse.

During the altercations Antifa pepper sprayed Millie Weaver for a second time when all of a sudden Millie was grabbed by a couple of nazis and pulled away to safety. Ohh look at that. Infowars got saved by the nazis.

Oath Keepers are generally leaning towards right-wing politics but in this case they tried to remain neutral and separate leftists from attacking the right activists.


Posted by Alex Jones on Saturday, August 12, 2017

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