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Afrikaners Must Concentrate Together for Safety says Orania Chief

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Afrikaners will have to concentrate together in one area for safety or remain vulnerable as a spread-out minority, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Orania movement in South Africa has said after a renewed wave of black attacks over the past weekend left four white farmers dead.

Writing in an electronic newsletter sent out by the Orania Movement—which founded and runs the world famous town of Orania in South Africa—CEO Jaco Kleynhans said that the attacks had taken place in the Mpumalanga, Northwest, and Limpopo provinces.

“They show once again how important it is for Afrikaners to concentrate together in a single area,” Kleynhans wrote. “The past weekend’s brutal murders confirm that minorities—and specifically Afrikaners—are vulnerable when they live scattered all around.”

According to Kleynhans, Afrikaners who are concentrated together enjoy a number of advantages.

“Where Afrikaners are concentrated in an area, they not only have political and economic power, but more importantly, have greater security,” he said.

Orania was founded over 25 years ago, and has grown from a handful of settlers to a small town which only uses Afrikaner labor and which has yet to see a single serious crime. It is home one of South Africa’s largest pecan nut farms, and runs a number of agriculture projects, apart from being home to dozens of flourishing businesses.

The ultimate aim of the Orania movement is to concentrate Afrikaners in the region surrounding the town, and thereby majority occupy the area. The area which the Orania planners originally chose—the Northern Cape—is demographically suited to majority Afrikaner occupation should just a few hundred thousand move to that part of the country.

The ever-increasing crime in the rest of South Africa is, as evidenced by the past weekend’s attacks, serving to greatly spur on this process. Thousands of whites in South Africa are trapped in the country with no realistic possibility of leaving, and will either chose to follow the Orania lead or be exterminated at the hands of the nonwhite criminal gangs which run rampant through urban and rural areas elsewhere.

There have, for example, been 277 farm attacks this year already in South Africa, during which 55 murders were committed. The tempo is increasing, with at least 22 of those attacks having been carried out within the first three weeks of August.


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3 Responses to " Afrikaners Must Concentrate Together for Safety says Orania Chief "

  1. Fran Webber says:

    The MSM is silent on these farm murders. We need alt right websites.

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  2. FeriSS.H says:

    Afrikaners EPICALLY failed by letting SA Apartheid had been dismantled by Communist Left and Globalist agenda. Their case is now over … their ONLY chance is to REARM, REBEL and take part of the SA back, and SEPARATE from the rest. There is NO alternative to this!

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  3. Joe Worsham says:

    As we know racism is not a crime in the world of the left. if the victims are white. All whites must be in an area they can defend and flourish in. Allow no blacks or white leftwing trash in.

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