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$7000 Reward to Anyone Who Identifies Baked Alaska's Acid Attacker

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Comedian and right wing personality Sam Hyde is offering a $5000 dollar bounty on anyone who can dox the communist scum who threw acid on Baked Alaska’s face in Charlottesville.

Sam Hyde said in the video that he also has a friend willing to give $1000, making a total of $6000 reward for identifying the acid attacker of Baked Alaska.

Shortly after making the video, Sam created a WeSearchr page where anyone can contribute for raising the reward. As promised, Sam contributed with $5000, then his friend James Lori contributed with $1000, while other people contributed with whatever they had to spare, raising the sum currently standing at $7149.

Well the guys at 4chan POL do this kind of stuff as a hobby for free, now that’s money at stake, the countdown begins until the leftist scum is identified and incarcerated for terrorism.

After discussing the bounty, Hyde gave his thoughts on the Unite The Rally, which he considers “a big fucking hoax-joke.”

“Both sides are probably completely lousy with feds,” said Hyde referring to Antifa and the Alt-Right, “and I don’t mean the Unite The Right organizers or Richard Spencer or Mike Enoch,” he continued.

“I just mean probably some of the guys with swastikas, definitely some of the antifa people, they were fucking feds in there who knew what was going on, who allowed it to happen,” Hyde postulated. “It was top down coordination, the governor of Virginia told the police to stand down.

“The media spectacle happened, and they let it happen, and now two cops are dead. Is that the price you want to pay?” Hyde said regarding the two police officers who died in a helicopter crash that is surrounded by several theories and conspiracies.

As an update, it appears that Baked Alaska has undergone a surgery and even though the doctors initially believed that he would loose sight forever, they are not very optimistic of their results and declared that they are expecting a full recovery.

So this is great news! Baked Alaska is gonna have his eyes back. There is one whom he has to thank for this miracle: GOD

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