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Trump’s Border Wall is in, and it is Glorious

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In an astounding breakthrough, House Republicans announced on Tuesday that they’ve included a whopping $1.6 billion dollars to fund President Trump’s border wall in their new homeland security bill.

Despite obstructionist Democrats fighting every step of the way, Republicans are listening to the will of the people, and are determined to build the wall, regardless of childish liberals crying about it.

Also included in the bill are 500 new Border Patrol agents, and 1,000 more ICE officers, plus enough money to maintain 44,000 detention beds for detained illegals awaiting deportation.

President Trump continues to put America First, in stark contrast to Obama’s weak and feckless immigration policy, proving himself to be the leader we so desperately needed!


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One Response to " Trump’s Border Wall is in, and it is Glorious "

  1. DonT says:

    Trump doing good things for the US. He isn’t perfect; his understanding of Islam, for example, is inadequate ( been listening to the wrong advisors), but overall he’s a great improvement over the previous Prez, the abominable O.!

    America got lucky with President Trump. If the corrupt, greedy Tramp Clinton had got into the White House instead, she would be flooding the country with Allah Trash and other human rubbish! . . .

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