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Polish MP destroys BBC host over Poland's decision not to take immigrants

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Polish MP Dominik Tarczynski of the ruling Law and Justice Party schooled a BBC host on the threat of refugees and turned her into a bumbling fool.

In an interview posted to YouTube on Thursday, Tarczynski is asked by a BBC host why Poland is not honoring their agreement to take in refugees.

“Well, basically because people who voted for us they said no,” Tarczynski stated matter-of-factly. “The previous government had this agreement and now Polish people said no, we don’t want to have this threat in Poland … and we have to respect them.”

“We have to remember that this agreement was signed by the previous government and now the situation in Poland is completely changed,” he said. “We have to listen to our people.”

The BBC host countered: “Except, if you look at it from the other side, this agreement was made by Poland not by internal Polish politics. You can see you can see how that is being seen from outside. People will say, well look, we don’t care about bickering inside Polish politics. The country has agreed to take its fair share of asylum seekers and that’s not happening.”

“It’s not not about eternal politics,” Tarczynski said, “it’s about the situation in Poland, in Europe, in the world. How many terror attacks you had in London?”

Tarczynski went on to say: “I’m a lawyer, they are not refugees they are immigrants. There is a legal difference between refugee and immigrant. Refugee is the person who flees to the first safe country, not flying throughout the globe looking for the social and better life, so we are not talking about refugees.”

The whiny BBC host interrupted Tarczynski constantly throughout the interview to try and prevent him from making his points but ended up failing miserably. Listen to the full interview above.


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3 Responses to " Polish MP destroys BBC host over Poland's decision not to take immigrants "

  1. Guest says:

    The refugees should go to the UK and the Poles could go home.

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    • n/a says:

      ‘guest’ i have a better idea you let the so called refugees live in your home, how about left wing liberals like you create a multiculturalism utopia country so your kind can live with them , i will create a country with native Europeans only who wish to live with their own kind , problem solved. Poland and other eastern countries will build a wall to protect their people it will be the last place native Europeans will be able to live . i suggest you look at south Africa because your children will soon need bars on their windows and fire arm, refugees who cross countries are illegal parasites why don’t they invade India or china. eastern Europe is still white and patriotic, no other nation is committing genocide against their people so why should we, i bet your jealous lol

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  2. DonT says:

    The BBC trash keeps describing the Merkel-invited horde of Muslims overwhelming W.Europe as asylum seekers instead of the INVADERS that they really are! The Polish MP, no dummy he, doesn’t buy any of her stupid, social-engineering garbage that is intended to replace the continent’s Caucasian population with Third-World excrement. Like Polish people in general ( I’ve met a fair number of them in Canada ), he’s a savvy guy, and doesn’t let some BBC Lefty bamboozle him with utter rubbish.

    Keep the Allah Trash out, Poland!

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