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Obama-Era ‘DREAMer’ Protections Face Imminent Dismantling by Federal Courts

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Obama’s “DREAMer” program, which put 800,000 young and undocumented immigrants ahead of actual Americans and kept them from deportation, will likely be on the chopping block in federal courts.

Both the Trump administration and “defenders of the program” see the end of the “DREAMer” program as inevitable.

DHS Secretary John Kelly told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that the toxic “DREAMer” program is “in jeopardy” so long as 10 Republican-led states “follow through” on their threats to impose legal obstacles for the program by September.

The “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” program, also known as DACA, made it alright for undocumented immigrants to essentially get the football (that being their child) in the end zone (that being the U.S.) even though their full body (that being legally entering the country) was not in the end zone fully, and once in country, these children can stay and get work permits, so long as they don’t commit any “disqualifying” crimes.

The legal obstacles for the “DREAMers” lies in the fact that Obama lacked the authority to grant “amnesty” to these individuals.


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