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EU funded NGO caught staging migrant drowning

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A unknown NGO has been caught staging a drowning of a Muslim refugee while others were dramatically shouting in the boat and throwing water at the “drowning” man. The exact location of the event is also unknown but its most likely filmed in Italy judging by the background landscape and the migrants probably arrived there by boat from Libya. The man who was video taping this staged drowning looks and sounds like an American. This is all speculation, no one has any real details on this video.

The reason this was staged, was for the purpose of either these NGOs obtain more EU funds by tickling their guilt feelings when they see these videos, or it was simply staged by the media so they can further indoctrinate the people into being even more tolerant than they already are.

Some have said that because this video cannot be unproven as in exact location and the persons who were acting in the video, the video should be taken with a grain of salt because it may be either fake or staged by right-wing extremists in order to show the whole migrant crises as a fraud.

HOWEVER! Do NOT take this with any grain of salt whatsoever because this is as real as your eyes can see. One must only use common sense for that. Why would a bunch of Muslim immigrants play in a right wing video that portrays them badly? Why would Muslim migrants collaborate with their enemies, the nationalists? Does that make any sense? Of course it doesn’t.

Just imagine the scenario for a second and see for yourself how retarded this is. No one is saying that they never drown, yes indeed they DO drown sometimes BUT this is not one of them, this is obviously a staged fake event meant to guilt trip us Europeans into accepting these people into our countries.

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