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US Shoots Down Syrian Jet Fighting against Terrorists

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Earlier in the day it was reported that a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber was lost in Raqqa province.

Now however the Syrian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying the crash was caused by an American attack against the plane which was conducting sorties against ISIS. The US has also confirmed the downing.

Kurdish media agrees that the US downed a Syrian jet, but claims the Su-22 was striking Kurdish militia (SDF/YPG) positions.

The fate of the downed pilot is not yet known but there are reports that the pilot is alive but has been taken captive by the SDF.

The plane was operating in a piece of Raqqa province around the town of Tabqa where the Syrian army, ISIS, and the Kurdish-dominated SDF are all present and share front lines. Did perhaps the US bring down the Syrian jet in a “preventive” attack where the Su-22 was targeted just for coming “too close” to the American forces on the ground?

You will recall that in southern Syria the US had been “defensively” bombing Syrian army forces simply for coming within 55 kilometers of its al-Tanf base (which is itself in Syria). Meanwhile, it has been reported last week that the US had set up an artillery base not too far north (about 40 kilometers) from where the Syrian fighter-bomber was brought down.

Has the US again “defensively” attacked the Syrian army in their own country?

As you can see the US is sticking by the story where the downed Syrian plane was striking SDF positions.

Even providing that is true how come the US, which has installed itself in Syria illegally, gets to defend a secessionist militia from Syria’s legal armed forces? Also, how come when Turkey was striking the SDF (which is about every Tuesday) the US did not attack the Turkish military?

Also, understand that SDF is a Kurdish dominated force but that Tabqa and its surroundings are exclusively Arab. The SDF is very, very far from Kurdish-populated Syria here.

Moreover by installing itself on the right bank of the Euphrates at Tabqa the US-backed SDF has blocked off the main highway along the river leading towards Deir ez-Zor.

Unless the SDF concedes this area back to the government, the Syrian army, which has recently been speedily advancing against ISIS in this area, is denied the use of the highway, and forced instead to advance along second rate desert paths and even road-less desert. Obviously this greatly complicates its task of reaching and lifting the siege of the encircled city.

While the SDF does indeed fight against ISIS, they also fight against the Syrian government and that makes them terrorists according to the American definition of what a terrorist is. If right wingers for example would suddenly start fighting against the US congress with the goal to overthrow the Democrats and fake Republicans and replace them by force with their men, then they would definitely be called terrorists and not “freedom fighters” or whatever fancy term the US likes to use.

Then imagine Russia or China having an overseas military base inside the United States, helping and aiding the right wing “freedom fighters” fighting against the US government by downing US Air Force planes who bomb these “freedom fighters”.

The socialist US media repeats 24/24 that Russians meddled in US elections while failing to see this meddling and act of war for example. Can you believe the level of hypocrisy here? This is worthy of Bible verses and how Jesus slammed the pharisees as hypocrites and father of all lies. These people are the modern day version of the pharisees.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    U.S. air force = isis air force

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