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Trump arrests Thousands of Pedophiles, 70,000 still at large, Media Silent

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Finally! Trump who promised to drain the swamp is doing something in that regard but the media is silent so most people don’t even know about it. So far he is going after the little criminals but maybe, just maybe there is still hope and maybe sometime in the near future he will go after the big oligarchs who are into this stuff.

Nearly 900 members of a global ‘dark web’ pedophile ring sprawling Europe and the Americas have been arrested following a two-year investigation, the FBI and Europol reported after the website’s founder was handed a 30-year jail sentence according to RT. According to Neon Nettle the number is actually much bigger, 3000 have reportedly been arrested.

According to NBC News the newly busted pedophilia ring has as many as 70,000 members! This is thought to be the world’s largest pedophile ring that has been uncovered by police, a security official said Wednesday.

Shedding light on the scope of the operation which is still active, the FBI revealed that in the US alone, 350 arrests were made as part of a wide-ranging investigation into Playpen – a secret website that is being referred to as possibly the biggest child pornography online dump that ever existed.

The arrests and other law enforcement actions related to the investigation were carried out “in countries far and near”, including Turkey, Peru, Chile, Ukraine, Israel and Malaysia, according to the FBI.

Europe accounts for the major share of arrests and convictions with 368 suspects being charged. A total of 870 arrests were made in connection with the case, according to Europol.

Over 300 children who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Playpen members have been identified or rescued.

EU Commissioner for the Security Union, Sir Julian King, said “a hugely significant blow has been struck against one of the most heinous of crimes, arguably the worst of all, thanks to the excellent transnational cooperation of Europol with the FBI and US Department of Justice, as well as other law enforcement agencies around the world.”

Playpen’s founder, Steven W. Chase, 58, was sentenced Monday to 30 years behind bars. The site he set up in August 2014 boasted some 150,000 users worldwide until it was taken down by the FBI following a controversial covert operation.

The agency said it had uncovered the site almost immediately after it had been launched but lacked information to trace the location or identity of the site’s owner as it was rooted in the deep web, meaning the site was only accessible through special software such as Tor.

Tor grants anonymity to its users and thereby is often described as a convenient platform for illicit activities, such as selling weapons, drugs or disseminating pornography.

However, Florida-based Chase inadvertently slipped up, revealing his site’s IP address, providing law enforcement with all the necessary leads.

Two of Chase’s aides, Michael Fluckiger and David Browning, both US citizens – who served as administrators of the site – were each jailed for 20 years.

Through a subsequent operation codenamed Operation Pacifier, the FBI succeeded in tracking down hundreds of the site’s users, sending “more than 1,000 leads” to FBI agents as well as to European authorities.

The FBI has been criticized for what it called a “court-approved network investigative technique” used to unearth information about the suspects. It emerged that the agency, with court approval, seized and ran the pedophile website for 13 days in February 2015.

The FBI’s command of the Playpen site enabled the agency to infect over 8,000 users’ computers with malware and hack them. Notably, the site was said to be more efficient and even experienced a boost in audience numbers with the FBI in charge of its content.

Internet privacy experts found the FBI’s handling of the case highly questionable and contrary to privacy laws.

“The warrant here did not identify any particular person to search or seize. Nor did it identify any specific user of the targeted website,” Electronic Frontier Foundation said, calling into question the legality of the FBI’s actions.

However, the head of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), Steven Wilson, appeared to defend the controversial practice, saying in a statement that “If we operate with 19th century legal principles then we are unable to effectively tackle crime at the highest level.”

“We need to balance the rights of victims versus the right to privacy,” Wilson argued, praising the cooperation between the US and European law enforcement in the case.

This is great, this is great news indeed and THANK YOU Trump for doing this because make no mistake about it, if Hillary Clinton would have won, you wouldn’t have seen a single pedophile arrest, she would have been too preoccupied with arresting Trump supporters, so in our opinion all credit goes to Donald Trump for these arrests for giving the cops green light to do their jobs.

Then again Hillary is in on it as well. Remember those Podesta mails where they talk in code language? Remember where they talked about sacrificing children to Moloch, or the Marina Abramovic satanist rituals attended by all those famous politicians? Remember Anthony Weiner, Huma’s husband? Ohh yeah, those filthy pedophiles are finally going to get punished.

So the logical question that comes into mind is: WHY is the media keeping this silent? Because they are in on it!

Out of those 70,000 members only a small part has been arrested but more will probably be arrested in the near future. The exact number of arrested psychopaths remains unclear as some media outlets report 900, others 1500 and others 3000. However it may be, it’s still a decent capture and as Trump tweeted on October 8, 2012, yes indeed they need to be executed:

“Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

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  1. Joey says:

    Fake news! That pedophile ring the NBC reported on his back in 2011

    We are not this stupid! Give it up

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