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Rand Paul Compares Socialist Healthcare To A ‘Gulag’

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Senator Rand Paul, who met with Donald Trump Tuesday in an attempt to thrash out the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, today compared nationalized healthcare to a Soviet gulag.

Appearing on under fire CNN, the Senator was arguing in favor of voluntary groups being able to buy healthcare policies, rather than having to fork out to insurance companies for expensive individual insurance.

Paul described it as “a way out of that individual conundrum,” adding that a “big group”has the “leverage to demand” more extensive coverage at a more affordable cost.

When CNN host Erin Burnett attempted to spin Paul’s idea into a an argument for a monolithic socialist healthcare system, the Senator wasn’t impressed.

“So why not go for the biggest group of all and just have insurance for everybody?” Burnett asked the Senator.

“Socialism’s not a good idea,” Paul exclaimed, adding “Socialism’s an utter failure,” and pointing to Venezuela as a current example of the failure of such a system.

“You did just make a great argument for nationalized health care,” Burnett claimed.

“You said ‘the bigger the group, the lower the cost,’ so all I’m taking is your argument to its logical conclusion.” she added.

Paul responded succinctly, urging “I was talking about voluntary groups, not the gulag.”

The Senator tweeted out Tuesday that he was scheduled to meet with President Trump to “fix” the Republican healthcare bill and achieve a “real repeal” of Obamacare.

After the meeting, Paul told reporters that Trump is open to his ideas on the bill:

Paul also appeared on CBS programming Wednesday morning to discuss the progress of the bill:

Paul has described the bill in its current form as ‘terrible’, saying it retains too many provisions of the original Obamacare legislation, and may even pave the way for more subsidies.


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