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London Police Arrest Man With Large Knife Near Parliament

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A bearded knife-wielding male was arrested on Friday near Parliament. No injuries were reported.

Scotland Yard said the man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife.

This is the new normal in London, folks!

Video of suspect being detained, witness says taser was discharged.

Photo of London police carrying Perspex evidence tube (used for knives).

The Associated Press reported on the arrest of a man with a knife near Parliament.

Another account said the man had a large knife AND was screaming:



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  • Ronny

    Some experts assert that the crime rate is lower among refugees than the regular population. They are just trying to ease tensions in EU countries now. The recent terrorist attacks testify to the opposite thing. INDEGINIOUS Europeans are in great danger. AND WE OWE THIS TO OUR OWN RULERS! Merkel and other must quit and maybe other politicians will at last stop telling us lies and brave some steps to ensure real safety in the EU.

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