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Argentina anarchists burn Bibles, beat Christians, throw fire at them

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Argentinian anarchists, naked harlots caught on video creating complete chaos in the streets of Buenos Aires by randomly attacking people, throwing fire at them hoping to burn them alive, burning Holy Bibles and target men who go to Church because of “patriarchy” and “Femicide” in what they call a “woman genocide”. No one is doing anything to any woman in Argentina, this is just pure hate and chaos with love straight from Lucifer, king of Hell himself. The tentacles of George Soros are now reaching countries as far as Argentina. These vile demon spawns from Hell were also caught waving communist flags. In Islam these women would be stoned to death for doing such things, in the Western world though, they can do this and still claim men are oppressive.

This is the fall of God himself and of Jesus from the faith of the walking fleshes of Earth as none of the gods intervene anymore and they allow the demons to freely blaspheme their names. This is the fall of the civilized world, the fall of white people. Darkness and low IQ jungle people are taking over. Anarchy is spreading like never before. This is the end… the apocalypse described in the Bible in the book of Revelations. The rise of narcissism, hate against God and Christians, homosexuality, transgenderism like Baphomet the transgender demon, abortion which is slaughter of babies, the sin of all sins, worse then Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than Babylon. Impurity, blasphemy, sacrilege and morality at record levels. Everything which is pure is now defiled with the unpure.

There is no respect for anything in this world. People used to be executed if they dared to rip a single page of the Bible just a couple of years ago back when the world was still sane, now they throw the entire Bible in fire and beat Christians randomly in the streets for going to church and no one is punished. Just dare to throw a Muslim Koran in fire and see what happens. These people still respect the word of THEIR God, why don’t we respect the word of OUR God?

Why weren’t these street dancing demons arrested and sentenced to 20-30 years in prison? It’s over folks, it’s over, I don’t see how any of us could ever turn this mess around. Everywhere its the same. It’s been a crazy week! In America, Kathy Griffin did some photo ops with a beheaded Trump head ISIS-style, in Europe the Muslims hit UK twice, in Manchester and in London and now this, in Argentina.

It’s over! WE lost, GOD lost, Lucifer won the Earth… Don’t switch sides, soon they will come after each and every single one of us, genocide us to death, one by one until not a single White man or woman is left alive, have no fear of death, save your souls and die with dignity when the time comes.

If this video doesn’t touch you in any way or make you shed a tear then you too are defiled and unpure. These are basically the children of Satan hurting us while we for some reason do not fight back anymore:

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