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Rothschild Artist Announces the Fulfillment of an age-old Genocide plan

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This artistic painting is located beneath the Parisian Eiffel tower.

Los Angeles artist Cleon Peterson is quite the hit with the elite. He was commissioned to paint Edmund de Rothschild’s boat, “The Gitana”.

Petersen is so accepted in the world of Luciferian, degenerate art that he painted the first mural below the Eiffel Tower. One wonders who arranged for that?

It’s well known that the art world has been a fiefdom of the left for over a century, so finding art that speaks to the issues facing White America seems unlikely at best. It’s obvious enough that Cleon Peterson‘s paintings depict a world of savage violence and depravity.

What’s not emphasized or even mentioned is that the vast majority of his paintings depict black figures attacking and eviscerating white figures. The brief mention of the “ethnic” character of the violence in the above quote is the only reference I have found to what is painfully obvious. Peterson is often described as depicting a dystopian future, but I have yet to see anyone point out that in this dystopian future whites are mercilessly victimized by blacks.

A title like “Vengeance” has an obvious connotation of black revenge.

Mr. Peterson would likely never claim to be depicting a dystopian future where non-Whites have power and use it to mercilessly attack Whites. He is, after all, trying to make a living as an artist. But there is an obvious ingroup-outgroup motif here—the figures cannot possibly be seen as other than representing different groups.

And it’s pretty clear that he is not on board with the harmonious, loving future constantly advertised by our hostile elites. An interviewer asks,

Do you believe human beings will ever overcome violent behavior or is it just an uncontrollable aspect of life in a chaotic universe?

[Peterson] What would life be without violence? It’s part of us and our world.

Right. And in particular, because it’s part of human nature, ethnically based, ingroup/outgroup violence won’t magically end when Whites give up power.

Buy one of his prints and hang it on the wall, to remind you of the dystopian future that awaits Whites. And provide motivation to change all that.

There are hundreds of similar “paintings” which you can find here, here and here. These paintings are so disgusting that we cannot include them in this post. What you’ve seen here, the one from Paris, is the only “soft” painting that this “man” has. His other “artistic paintings” are nothing like this. View them at your discretion. You may find additional paintings by Cleon Peterson by simply typing his name into Google Images.

This is the genocidal fantasy, imagination and wishful thinking that Jews want for white European people. You better wake up and start identifying and naming the real enemy behind the scenes because soon these paintings will become reality.

This is not just some liberal social justice warrior starving “artist”. This vicious anti-white racist psychopath works directly with the serpent seed of Rothschilds.

On 3 April 2017 this “man” posted this on his Instagram page:

I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild and the great #GITANATEAM on this monumental project. The project is curated by the @palaisdetokyo ’s Jean de Loisy and @hugovitrani of the #LascoProject. Here are the first images of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, a new generation trimaran at the very forefront of innovation. The boat is built specifically for singlehanded round the world races.

And this on his Twitter page:

This is one of the sickest man in the world and just 100 or 200 years ago when the world was still normal, people such as this would have been publicly executed through various ways: guillotine, hanging, burned at the stake, etc.

Back then people were filtered, like weed is filtered away from vegetables in your garden. The good got to live while the vermin was executed. In today’s world, everybody has a “human right” and vile defective evil scum, get to live and spew their garbage.

In today’s world we have what its known as “police” but there are many evil doings in the world which cannot be punished by the police. Back then people were banding together and doing what had to be done.

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  1. Jeremy Harris says:

    If you think that the world was normal 100-200 years ago, then YOU’RE the sick one!!!

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