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Paul Ryan Attacks Trump Again, Demands Answers, Accuses POTUS of Treason

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Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) tweeted out on Monday that President Trump revealed “highly classified information” to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister last week during his White House meeting with the Russian foreign ministers.

The Washington Post was completely off in their fake news reports last week on Trump and Comey. This latest story blew up on the Washington Post in the last hour.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson released a statement moments ago but that didn’t stop the jackass Speaker from demanding a “full explanation” from Trump! Not the Washington Post!

Sorry to say this but Donald Trump is a soft cuckold! Why isn’t he retaliating? This calls for MARTIAL LAW. Arrest every single one of them, arrest George Soros for sponsoring violence, have his head removed in public using a guillotine, the people would love it. Order the army to have the entire congress arrested and shot with the exception of the likes of Rand Paul, Trey Gowdy, Steve King, Ted Cruz, etc. Traitors like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, etc? Even the bottom of hell isn’t enough for these people…

Trump promised to clean the system and drain the swamp. The people gave him a mandate to be aggressive and destroy everything in his path, yet Trump didn’t do any of this. Why is he allowing the Democrats to randomly attack people in the streets and everything without repercussions?

When the people voted for Trump, they didn’t vote for the soft Trump that we have now, they voted for the Trump who promised to prosecute Hillary Clinton, the Trump who accused Bill Clinton of rape and George Soros of social and economic manipulation, the Trump who promised to build a wall and deport each and every single Mexican out of USA, the Trump who promised to ban all Muslims from entering the USA, the Trump who bashed Merkel for destroying Germany and Europe with non-white migrants, etc. What the hell happened to that Trump????? Where is he???

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