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German Father tries to have his own Daughter Arrested for Reading Nationalist Websites

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A man in Germany has recently gone to Reddit to post about “family issues,” describing his daughter as being involved online in German pro-White socialization, or browsing various German pro-White media. He then asks for legal advice, the primary purpose of his post, on how to sellout & have his daughter arrested.

Yes, somehow this is happening and nobody is quite sure how we got back to this point in history again.

Here’s what the German father posted on Reddit:

I’m mainly looking for people knowledgeable about German law here. A little background, my daughter is 17 years old. I won’t go into detail regarding how I found out she’s been looking at this stuff, since it’s not relevant. However, I will say that I’ve had suspicions for a while that she was looking at things like that when I walked past her on her computer at home.

I got suspicious enough yesterday that I decided to snoop on her computer while she was away from it for a little while, and I was very disturbed by what I saw just when I opened the closed tab. She’s been looking at many White supremacist and Nazi political sites, things like that. She’s been posting Nazi symbolism and slogans, etc. I also found chat logs with other Nazis she’s been having, and she’s told them some personal things. It made me the angriest I’ve been in a long time.

I’m not a legal expert in any way, but I know that even viewing the sites she’s viewed is illegal, they’re classified as unconstitutional groups. I’ve heard of other cases where similar things have happened and the parents and other family members have been given legal punishment as well due to either failing to stop it or being influenced by it. She’s looking at jail time.

It all makes me sick to my stomach. I have not confronted my daughter yet. Just to clarify, I am not interested in defending my daughter in any way. I don’t think what she’s doing is justifiable at all. I want her out of my house. My main concern and the reason I ask for advice is the rest of my family and I.

How can I turn her in, so to speak, without implicating myself or other members of my family?

Here’s what some people answered. This guy says he’s a lawyer and even as insane as the German thought-control laws are, they don’t lock-up minors for browsing naughty websites, obviously.

German lawyer here. Just to comment on some of the legal aspects:

Viewing such sites is not in itself illegal. While certain nazi symbols, nazi hate speech etc. is criminalized in Germany, it is making that speech that is illegal. It is displaying the symbols in public that is illegal.

Similarly, while (as someone in the threat suggested) it is correct that there are certain liabilities for the owner of an internet connection, these are civil liabilities for dangerous activity emanating from that internet connection – uploading copyrighted material to p2p sharing networks being the most relevant example. Mere consumption of (illegal) sources does not cause this liability, by the way.

Since you suggest that she has gone beyond consumption of these materials and that she has shared them, she may have broken criminal laws. This would make her criminally liable. It would not, however, make you or anyone else in the house criminally liable, especially not if you now step in and put an end to this. The liability for the owner of an internet connection mentioned above is a civil liability, and I fail to see who could have civil claims against her.

She is not looking at jail time. In fact, as a 17 year old first offender, she would have to damn near kill someone to be looking at jail time in Germany.

The majority of other people were proposing a classical brainwashing guilt-trip:

I agree it’s time to go visit a couple holocaust sites with her.

I’ve been on a class trip to auschwitz one time and remembering thee images and being there still makes my stomach turn. If what she’s reading goes along with general neonnazi bullshit they’re telling her It never happened Blabla…

And this:

Sounds like it’s time for a long weekend visiting Holocaust sites and perhaps listening to a survivor speak. She’s 17, and stupid, and likely being influenced by some ignorant crush and getting caught up in the rah rah rah of it all.

Yeah yeah, this is exactly what she needs, doesn’t she??

This is quite an accurate portrayal of this German girl with her father.

It just feels like Germany is back in the communist days when people were rewarded if they turned their family members on to “the authorities”. The very word itself “authority” is subjective. After all what is “authority”? Just a bunch of people (either good or bad) who are in control. Just because they are in control, doesn’t make them good.

So anyway this was standard practice in the Soviet Union and all their satellite communist states such as East Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, etc. These people were called “informers“. These people were rewarded by the communists for their loyalty to the state.

Children who held a grudge against on their parents for any reason, let’s say for not buying them a candy, could just call their parents “traitors to the state who speak against the dear leader”. This would have been enough to have their parents executed without providing any proof whatsoever. Parents could do the same to their children, children could do the same to their brothers and sisters. It was an inhumane demonic system brought into the world the Lucifer himself. It turned families into a mess. Family members were fearful of each other.

Now we’re back! Germans are completely broken. They bring in millions of non-white immigrants with one single purpose, to replace the current native population, then they brainwash the Germans to accept their fate and even to take part in it. Anyone who opposes, is guilty of what is considered in Germany the biggest of all crimes: “racism”.

It doesn’t really matter how vague and unjust Leon Trotsky’s term really is, the world uses it as if the term was handed down to man straight from the Heavens by Jesus Christ himself. The term itself was invented by Trotsky, a communist brutal mass murderer and psychopath. Leon Trotsky under his real name, Lev Davidovich Bronstein was sent to Russia with millions of dollars by Jacob Schiff with the purpose to overthrow the government and start a communist revolution.

Among many of his demonic crimes, this was perhaps Trotsky’s biggest crime. He divided and broke families. It was brother against brother, son against father. It was just like Cain against Abel. Complete chaos. That’s how the revolution became possible. One of his other crimes was the word “racist”. While he did not coin the term himself, he was the first to use it on a grand scale, against all of his foes. The term became holy. People are scared to be called “racist” more than being called “murderer”, “thief” and even “Satanist”. This is the heresy of all heresies.

And this word is the cause for this despicable father who turned in his own child, a girl, willing to have her locked up behind bars out of fear of being called “racist”.

Selling out your own children for the benefit of foreign invaders, while getting nothing in return, definitely qualifies as the treason of all treasons.

Say what you wish about the Third Reich but these things never happened in Germany during those days. Yes the government committed crimes but at least there were crimes against foreigners, not against their own citizens, not against the family unit. On the contrary families were promoted and encouraged. Parents were rewarded for having children.

The worst part is that Germany isn’t the only country in Europe where these things are now happening. It’s all over Europe. It’s a disease, a communist virus which was not properly treated in 1945 after the end of the Second World War nor in 1989 to 1991 when the Iron Curtain fell. So now the disease is coming back stronger than ever before.

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