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Donald Trump is Julius Caesar Reincarnated

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Hillary Clinton was the first who brought “the Russians” conspiracy on the table. Psychopathic Zionist media who was in full support of Hillary Clinton, supported the idea and promoted it, like Joseph Goebbels said “if you repeat a lie often enough people will eventually believe it”. This is exactly the case, Clinton said it, the media loved it and repeated it 24/24: Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russians, Russian hackers! Muh Russians, evil Russians, the alien Russians, reptilian Russians, illuminati Russians, the Russians, Moscow, Kremlin, the Russians!!! + BONUS: PUTIN and the KGB RUSSIANS!

This whole Russian thing was like a bunch of tinfoil conspiracy psychopaths thinking there are little Martian green men living among us. They saw and still continue to see Russians everywhere. For God’s sake treasonous senator John McCain even accused Rand Paul of being a Putin puppet and a Russian agent on senate floor, embarrassing him in front of everybody. Full insanity… or was not??

Actually NOT, this whole Russian big pile of BS was a well orchestrated Zionist attack on Trump with the intent to destroy him. Even though to normal people it only sounded like a circus this actually had very serious implications involving even FBI investigation into “the Russians who are plotting to take over America”. So why this? Why the Russians?? Because the Zionists wanted to divert attention away from them because it was them, including billionaires like George Soros who are in control of the United States. It is they who are the DEEP STATE, not the Russians.

Still have doubts that its them? Just moments ago, the New York Times reported that was Israel who leaked classified information to the their own media established in America, falsely accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians, AGAIN. This is serious stuff here, this is an open admission that they are at war with Donald Trump and his presidency, but what does the foolish old man do? Fill his cabinet with THEM, keeping Kushner and Ivanka as top advisors despite THEY being part of THEM. Yes yes Ivanka is Trump’s daughter and Kushner is his son in law but so was Marcus Junius Brutus, almost like Caesar’s son. His mother Servilia was Caesar’s mistress. Caesar loved Brutus so much, he granted Brutus amnesty despite fighting against him alongside Pompeius. This is just like Trump forgiving Kushner despite opposing all of his campaign promises. Kushner opposed (and still does secretly in his mind) all of Trump’s views: the wall, mass deportations, Muslim ban, anti-TPP, anti-NAFTA, everything Trump stood for.

This is just like in the Roman times all over again, this is just like watching the assassination of Julius Caesar in the middle of the Senate and Kushner is exactly Brutus. Just like Caesar, Trump is also a fool for trusting this Democrat Israeli agent. If this man had the chance, he would stick a knife in Trump’s back in an instant just like Brutus. John McCain is also exactly the same disgusting traitor that Cicero was screaming “muh democracy!” and Paul Ryan is Cato, all while being involved with corruption, bribes, etc. and Hillary Clinton is just like Pompeius Magnus. She just won’t go away, she just won’t give up, she still believes she should be the president.

Trump is exactly Julius Cesar reincarnated. Not for real, because we don’t believe in that BUT in a metaphorical way. Just like Caesar, Trump a powerful man, came into office not with a show of force and not with a sword in his hand but as a peacemaker with an olive branch in his hand. Caesar had the power to smash the entire senate if he wanted to but he wanted to be accepted and loved by everybody, he didn’t want to use his power, he sought to make peace and harmony between his supporters and his opponents. This is exactly what Trump is doing now, he is trying to make peace with the Democrats, scrapping his core campaign promises in a desperate attempt to make the Democrats love him but the Democrats hate him regardless of what he does.

Just like Trump, 2000 years ago, Caesar also had bold new FOR THE PEOPLE ideas. He wanted to give lands to the plebs and put an end to the oligarchy. Trump also spoke of the same FOR THE PEOPLE ideas but both failed to take revenge on the enemy who would not allow them to accomplish their goals.

Unfortunately Caesar died in the Roman senate, killed by Democrats and his trusted advisor Brutus was the one who gave the final blow. This is just history repeating itself. Trump will either be impeached or killed if he doesn’t become more aggressive.

Marcus Antonius is perhaps somewhat similar to Steve Bannon, loyal and everything, minus the marriage with Cleopatra of Egypt of course.

Trump should be punching the Democrats non-stop, keeping them on the defensive and give them zero time to attack back and even respond to the attacks. Here’s a hypothetical perfect Trump attack scenario on Democrats and how he should treat them:

Trump: You Democrats are corrupted and I’m going to prosecute you for voter fraud. Millions of illegals were encouraged to vote.

Dems: But but but… we…

Trump: No buts! You colluded with the media in the debates, town-halls, everywhere, thanks to Wikileaks everybody knows!

Dems: No we haven’t we…

Trump: Your grandmaster George Soros paid people to agitate in the streets and do violence, I will prosecute you all and lock you all up, thanks to Project Veritas we know of your evil deeds!

Dems: But but but Soros is not… You are a Russian agent!

Trump: I’m a Russian agent? You are all Israeli agents, the entire media is one giant foreign agent, you can’t do anything without AIPAC approval!

Dems: No that’s not true we we we….

Trump: Yes I know the Clintons plundered Haiti and you enjoyed it!

Dems: But but but…

Trump: Ohh shut up! You killed Seth Rich and stole Bernie’s nomination with superdelegates!

Do you get the point? Trump shouldn’t even give them time to respond to the previous attack, then unleash another attack again and again and again, keep them on defensive 24/24. The best defense is offense. This is the oldest military tactic in the world. There’s plenty of subjects to attack them on. I could come up with at least 100 attacks on them.

Trump is not going to die of old age. He will either die of some strange illness inflicted onto him by the Dems such as poisoning or radiation that causes cancer, or he will just be assassinated in broad daylight just like JFK. This will happen to him not because he drained the swamp and ravaged it but because he is NOT draining the swamp. If you play with crocodiles long enough, you will eventually end up being eaten. Trump is allowing the swamp crocodiles to bite him and he doesn’t rip their teeth off as a punishment, he pets them… he will end up being eaten. Mark my words!

Kushner on the left, Brutus on the right from movie Rome

There are many parallels to be drawn here between Trump and Caesar.

If you’ve seen the movie series Rome, the character Brutus even looks exactly like Jared Kushner. Sure just a coincidence, but a funny one none the less.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, well you should and whenever you see Caesar, think of Trump and draw the parallels.

Now the funny part is, that the Democrats still didn’t have it their way. After Caesar was slain, his nephew Augustus Gaius Octavius Caesar who had a stronger character, took power and destroyed everyone in his path, taking full revenge on the bastards.

So this should perhaps be a reminder to all the Democrats out there who are plotting to destroy Trump, maybe one of his sons will take over and do what Augustus did.

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