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Trump urges companies to close China factories, come back to America

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WOW! Just wow, more jobs… more income for the US, more high quality products. Its just getting better, Donald Trump is now calling on American companies to close their China factories and move back to America, even though Trump is scheduled to meet with China’s president Xi Jinping next Thursday, thus showing unprecedented levels of American toughness.

This is great! For me as a buyer, I would rather buy a MADE IN THE USA product over MADE IN CHINA junk every day every hour every second! I would rather pay extra money and have it quality built than buying cheap Chinese junk products that break faster and are not as effective. What the Chinese are doing is just raw material waste. They are purposefully building low quality crap so you can buy again and again and again so they can sell again and again and again and so on.

Trump is known for his tough stance on China. He has appointed a longtime China critic Peter Navarro as the head of a new national trade body, the White House National Trade Council.

Navarro has written books like The Coming China Wars and Death by China. In a preamble to one of his books, he wrote: “help defend America and protect your family – don’t buy ‘Made in China.’

Trump has been pushing for Made in the USA since the very beginning of this campaign so naturally we are expecting him to deliver now. Move all industry back from China, Mr. Trump, ignore all the noise saying bla bla bla you can’t do this you can’t do that! Ohh yes we can!

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