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Trump Threatens to Fire Bannon if He Doesn't Cooperate and Become Centrist

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Steve Bannon, the engine and soul of President Trump’s hard-edged approach to his first months in office, is increasingly isolated and will be forced out unless he can adopt a more cooperative approach, a top source told Kevin Hagen from Associated Press.

On both style and substance, Bannon got crosswise with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who are pushing for a more competence- and results-driven focus for the West Wing.

In their view, Bannon is too inclined to want to burn things down and blow things up. But it is Bannon who opposed the war and they who want to blow Syria up. They want a more open process driven by the interests of the president, not ideology. The “West Wing Democrats” as Bannon calls them, don’t care about ideology, they care about interests. Of course they don’t care, they are Democrats.

A senior official said Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is “with the program” of a more inclusive style, and will stay. Insiders have been feverishly discussing possible replacements and Trump considered a change, but the official said: “Reince is staying.”

The Doctor of Common sense is angry with Trump for pushing Bannon aside! This video is definitely worth watching, believe me!!!

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  • Bob

    just love it !! :O)

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  • valleygirl1981

    Love the Doctor of Common Sense. They said Obama was brilliant and smart, too. I agree. The only thing I have seen is Kuchner sitting there trying to look cool, but never opens his mouth. I have never heard Jared Kuchner say one word. For any interested, this is my letter to the NRCC today who keeps asking me for $$donations and received nothing but the following:

    I cannot support Pres. Donald Trump’s move last Thursday to strike Syria. Trump said that he would not be President of the world, but of the United States–only. It is beginning to appear like he may be headed as President of the world. I cannot support the President any longer should he focus on Syria going forward with more strikes, which is war. We are waiting for the construction of the WALL at the border to start as soon as possible and without delays. Use our time and resources for this purpose and other things that need to be overhauled here at home. STAY OUT OF SYRIA. Stick to the Campaign promises we received and voted for, otherwise, Republicans will lose, lose, lose everything, which is the base they have acquired. Keep refugees out of our Country, rather than resettling the refugees here at 900 per week. This is insane. We’re just asking for more terrorism at this rate. Last week was not the first chemical weapon/bomb used in Syria. Why start another war that will never eradicate the Muslim way of life – everlasting turmoil. Follow the Base, not the Neo-Cons and liberals, such as leftist son-in-law, Jared Kuchner. Lose this guy and KEEP BANNON. Get Kuchner out of the WH and send him home. We didn’t elect liberals to run anything. Bannon is the best. Please don’t allow all of the enthusiasm to wane. Good day.

    Miss Elizabeth Krcik

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