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Trump No Longer Wants to Build the Wall: Reince Priebus

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White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said he thinks the government can avoid a Democrat induced shutdown and expressed confidence a bill that is “satisfactory” to the president will pass.

Progress has already been made “in regard to getting money for border security,” he said on NBC’s “Meet The Press.”

So I’m pretty confident we’re going to get something that’s satisfactory to the president,” he said, when asked if President Trump will veto the government funding bill if there is no downpayment on his proposed border wall included.

Priebus was further pressed on whether the administration would support the funding bill if money isn’t designated specifically for the border wall, but instead for border security more broadly.

“I think that as long as the president’s priorities are adequately reflected… and there’s enough as far as flexibility for the border wall and border security, I think we’ll be OK with that.”

This is just scumbag politician talk. In PLAIN ENGLISH: THE WALL WILL NOT GET BUILT or at least not under Donald Trump. The President’s Chief of Staff is saying that Trump will sign a bill that doesn’t include funding for a wall, but don’t worry guys, this is just more inter-dimensional Ultra HD 4000K CHESS!

I think the key statement was Priebus saying that the President would be happy as long as there’s some random “border funding” in the bill which there already is in all budget bills.

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