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TOTAL TREASON: Trump Wants to Arrest Julian Assange

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This is the breaking of all breaking news of all times! NO freaking joke here guys! Donald Trump is now officially the worst traitor of all times. He is now pushing for his AG Jeff Sessions to go after Wikileaks founder and making it a “top priority to arrest Julian Assange”. This comes shortly after Trump appointed CIA director Mike Pompeo called Julian Assange a threat to national security!

This man has helped Donald Trump WIN the freaking presidency with his leaks on Hillary Clinton and now what does he do? He wants to arrest the very man that got Trump elected in the first place? If it weren’t for Assange, Trump wouldn’t have won anything now!!!!!!!!!!!! He may be as delusional as he wants, it’s the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. Trump OWES Assange his presidency!

According to AP:

President Donald Trump says that if the Justice Department wants to charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, “it’s OK with me.”

Trump says he is not involved in that decision-making process, but would support Attorney General Jeff Sessions if he charged Assange with a crime.

The administration has stepped up its rhetoric against WikiLeaks in recent days, despite the fact that Trump welcomed the group’s release of a top Hillary Clinton aide’s emails during the election.

Sessions told reporters Thursday that Assange’s arrest is a priority as the Justice Department steps up efforts to prosecute people who leak classified information to the media. CIA Director Mike Pompeo last week denounced WikiLeaks as a “hostile intelligence service” and a threat to U.S. national security.

Wikileaks daily bombardment with anti-Clinton emails made it possible for Trump to win, but look Trump is the dog that bites the hand that feeds him. The world has been tricked by this CON-MAN! He is a ZIONIST SHILL who has surrounded himself with Zio-scumbags all over the place. He is now fully ignoring THE PEOPLE who only months ago were shouting “LOCK HER UP!” at his rallies and holding “Free Assange” placards.

Trump promised to DRAIN THE F**KING SWAMP yet he’s 3 months in and hasn’t arrested a single swamp creature. His imbecile worshipers refuse to believe it and still think this is some kind of F**KING CHESS while others say “UHHH this is too soon, he’s ONLY 3-months in, uhhh give him more time.” Ohhh yeah! It’s too f**king soon to drain the swamp BUT IT’S NOT too soon to bomb Syria, falsely accuse Assad with chemical attacks, bomb Afghanistan, provoke North Korea into nuclear war, make the Russian conflict worse and now going after Julian freaking Assange of Wikileaks! No people, wake up! There is no chess and it’s not too soon to drain the swamp. This man is a Zionist shill and a traitor.

This con-man is now talking about meeting with Pope Satan, you know, that pope who said Trump is not a Christian, that pope who said divorce is fine and God loves everyone including gays, the pope that said Europe must take all Muslims in, the pope who held ceremonies in church while singing in Latin about Lucifer, the pope who pretended to make a miracle by turning Saint Januarius’ 1700 year old powder blood into liquid blood! YES THAT POPE! Pope Satan! The con-man said Hillary Clinton is a “nice person” after he won, after calling her “criminal” and “crooked” during the campaign. This man may very well be the Antichrist who deceived the world, the man who pretended to be a patriot and a nationalist and who in fact is the communist devil himself who has nothing to do with patriotism.

What a con-man! What a traitor! He has already forgot about this:

I hope and actually WISH that Assange has something on Trump that can destroy him. This man is the worst traitor in living memory, the worst kind to have ever walked the face of the earth. He’s like the Antichrist.

After this, we completely UNENDORSE Donald Trump and you will not see any pro-Trump news on this website ever again UNTIL (AND IF EVER) this con-man proves that it was all just chess and starts doing ALL of this: build the wall, deport all illegal Mexican immigrants (both criminal and non-criminal) as he promised, issue a “complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, get along with Russia, label China currency manipulator and move all their factories back to America, drain the swamp and “I will ask, to appoint a special prosecutor. We have to investigate Hillary Clinton, and we have to investigate the investigation.” during a campaign speech + “If I win, I am going to instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation…” during the second debate, go after Bill Clinton for his rape allegations on all those women he brought also at the second debate, overthrow Angela Merkel for destroying Europe with migrants plus many other promises he made! This CON-MAN FALSE PROPHET has done NOTHING of the above! NOTHING! He didn’t even repeal Obamacare and he approved Ryancare which was just another disaster, or Obamacare 2.0 as Ron Paul said it. Ryancare didn’t pass but the fact that Trump wanted it to pass and regrets that it didn’t pass, says a lot!

Trump destroyed patriot Mike Flynn and the bastard was caught going after Steve Bannon, he was THIS close to firing last White House patriot, Bannon when the entire internet and his base support started to slam and criticize Trump for being a Kushner-Ivanka puppet. As soon as he saw the backlash, he backed down, but for how long?

We are super disgusted with Trump for going after Julian Assange, this was the last straw! Julian Assange is a HERO for exposing all those illegal crimes and immoralities that happen in the world, if anything Trump should have given Assange political asylum in America and pressed the UK government to allow him to exist the embassy without being arrested.

Just look at the video below and see for yourself who Trump really is and who has he surrounded himself with:

So what does everyone else thinks?

Paul Joseph Watson is pissed off about it:

The Doctor of Common Sense is angry about it:

Next News Network is also upset about it:

Just read the comments to these videos above, you will see that authentic Trump fans are really upset.

More reactions from other prominent figures are expected soon…

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