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THE PEOPLE Demand Jared Kushner to be Fired, Trump Will Fire Bannon Instead

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Didn’t Ivanka Trump promised to take care of the business? Didn’t Donald Trump promised not to engage in nepotism by involving his children in the White House? Well who cares now? Just another broken promise… so here’s the thing.

THE PEOPLE who voted for Trump and supported Trump are now DEMANDING from Trump to fire Jared Kushner for being a Israeli agent who actually acts like the real president and gives the orders in the White House while Zionist puppet Trump bows down.

He’s just like that Lord of The Rings villain in control of his father in law.

Jared Kushner has recently been exposed for receiving a $259 million from George Soros, another Jewish globalist… Damn now we know who is running the show!

The people are starting to notice this and guess what! #FireKushner hashtag is now trending on Twitter along with hashtag #KeepBannon





As usual, Twitter is already working hard, censoring the #FireKushner hashtag and suggesting to go for #FireBannon or #FireKusher instead, missing the letter “N” from KushNer.



But will Trump listen??? Seems like he doesn’t need us anymore and he doesn’t care about us anymore. Or maybe he never did. The New York Times has also just reported that Trump is fed-up with the “infighting” between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon and may act soon. Trump has already punished Bannon by removing him from the NSC which already brought him to the brink of resignation. Bannon is the last populist and true nationalist in the White House. Everybody else is just pure neocon garbage, especially his Jewish son in law of his.

Trump has basically announced that he will fire one of the two recently so who will it be? Bannon of course. Still don’t believe that? Just look at those photos and describe what you see. First let’s analyze the first photo, I see Bannon looking sad perhaps even with tears in his eyes at Trump. Trump looks angry at Bannon perhaps criticizing him while Kushner looks proud towards Trump for bashing Bannon. Simply put I see Bannon as the lamb, Trump as the wolf and Kushner as the devil. It is sad, I wish America had Steve Bannon as the president. He would have been great. Trump is a Hillary Clinton in a male suit.

Now photo number 2, this is right in the middle of the bombing of Syria, what do you see here?

How do you interpret these faces? Bannon looks sad and very emotional towards the TV, definitely in disapproval of the pointless war and the breaking of campaign promises, while Kushner is looking straight towards Bannon as if he would wanna jump at his neck and suck his blood like a vampire. He’s the only one not paying any attention at the TV by the way. He is watching his enemy Bannon. Ohh and T-Rex the dinosaur Secretary of State appears to be watching Kushner? Not sure but if he is, his face is like “what the hell is going on here?”

Here’s a zoomed in photo of Bannon. Does this man seem happy about Trump’s Syrian war?

Steve Bannon during Syria military strike briefing. Anguish, plainly written on his face. His compassion speaks volumes. President Bannon 2020!

Now here’s a zoomed in photo of Kushner. Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to punch Bannon in the face or something?

Kushner is looking with such anger and hatred at Bannon. Why? Because Bannon is sad? Let him be in his sorrow you vile demon!

Removing Bannon from the table while making a decision this huge is extremely symbolic and I know where this is most likely going. Steve Bannon is either going to be fired or moved to some corner-of-the-room position, in which case he will most likely resign. Mark my words!

Kushner is not just a neoconservative warhawk, he is also pro-open borders, pro-Islam, pro-amnesty. He is a Democrat, he is all of the opposite positions, in short, he is Jewish.

This is perhaps one of the last stories you will see here on EU Times about traitor Donald Trump and his fake administration. After this we’ll try to focus our resources on any other issues such as helping Marine Le Pen get elected in France. By the way if Trump were a true nationalist he would have helped Geert Wilders get elected in Netherlands by visiting his country and holding a couple of speeches with him or something, or he would be helping Le Pen now in France as we speak, but no, he’s got more important things to attend to such as neocon wars in Syria for Israel.

Man, we didn’t even make it to 100 days…

Trump is such a traitor, he is now deleting his anti Syria war tweets from his Twitter account, can you believe this is the man whom we supported all the way since June 2015? Is he under some kind of MK-ULTRA mind control? Or perhaps ZOG-ULTRA mind control?

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