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‘South African Whites will be Crushed’: ANC Metropole Mayor Says

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South African whites who “stand in way of social cohesion” will be “crushed” and in for a “very rough” time if they continue to oppose the ANC, Mzwandile Masina, the mayor of one of South Africa’s Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, has announced.

Speaking during a civic reception in the Boksburg Civic Centre on Monday evening this week, Masina said he was sending a “strong warning” to “white people” and an anti-ANC organization called “Save SA” which has been running demonstrations calling for the resignation of ANC president Jacob Zuma.

“So please, we just want to request [Save SA] nicely: don’t divide our nation because if you continue to do so those that sided with you in 1994, they won’t be here in five years,” Masina said.

“It might be very rough and we are many, this is not a threat, we are many [and] it might be very, very rough.”

“It is very important that we send a very, very strong warning that… we will crush any individual who stands [in the way of] the project of nation building and social cohesion in South Africa.”

Masina said the ANC would force white people to understand that they need to live in harmony with other South Africans.

“Now this thing of being shown the middle finger everywhere by white people because they’ve gained a new confidence must come to an end,” he said to applause from the audience.

“I want to say to our white counterparts in South Africa, they must be very very careful. [They need to] understand that the issue of nation building and social cohesion requires all of us, not these insults that you get from social media and you get called everything else…that time has come to an end.

“Our children and your children, they don’t see what you are seeing in us, we are not monkeys, we are people,” he said.

Masina’s career includes a spell as National Convener of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), Chief Executive Officer at the Gauteng Film Commission, Deputy Director-General at the Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, anbd most recently, as Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry in the cabinet of Jacob Zuma.

* Newly appointed Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba also addressed the reception, repeating the allegation that somehow blacks are being deliberately excluded from the economy—even though South Africa has some of the harshest affirmative action programs on the planet.

“We must agree on inclusion. South Africa’s economy excludes black people, women and the youth. It’s not sustainable,” he said.

This is standard fare for Third World populations both in their homelands and in the First World countries that they have invaded: rather than accept that it is their own fault that they have achieved nothing, the Third Worlders believe that there is some sort of vast conspiracy by whites to “keep them down.”

In fact, the real reason why the Third World is irretrievably economically backward has nothing to do with “white racism,” but simply because wealth is directly related to IQ: the higher the national IQ, the higher the wealth of the nation.

Africa, for example, has an average IQ of between 62 and 80, and as a result its countries have the lowest national wealth scores.

European states have average IQ levels of between 101 and 105, while certain Asian countries have even slighter higher IQs—and their respective wealth levels accurately reflect this fact.


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