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Soros, Juncker secretly meet to destroy Hungary for refusing to take Muslims

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Jean-Claude Juncker will hold a behind closed doors meeting with George Soros at which the pair will discuss legal action against the Hungarian government, EU officials announced today.

The EU Commission chief will host the billionaire financier in Brussels as part of eurocrats’ preparations to take Budapest to court over a number of alleged breaches of EU law.

Brussels has been enraged by the actions of firebrand prime minister Viktor Orban, who has passed a new law in an attempt to close a university backed by Mr Soros.

The Hungarian PM has cast the institution as an ‘enemy within’ and says it is being used by the billionaire to push a liberal pro-EU agenda against his right-wing government.

But EU officials have insisted his new legal crackdown, which would require foreign-accredited universities to have a campus in their home country, is illegal under Brussels rules.

The Central European University, set up by Mr Soros in 1991, is technically registered in America but operates exclusively in Eastern Europe, meaning it would fall foul of the new change.

Earlier this month the EU’s College of Commissioners met to discuss the situation in Hungary and agreed to take forward a number of legal proceedings against Budapest.

EU officials are now set to conduct a “swift” legal assessment of the Higher Education Act, so that it can “decide on next steps in the next infringement cycle”.

Other causes for concern are Hungary’s treatment of migrants and refugees, and its policy of placing them in camps at its border, and a new consultation launched by Mr Orban called “Let’s stop Brussels!”.

In a statement, EU Commission officials said: “Recent developments in Hungary which have widely raised concerns about compatibility with EU law and the common values on which the Union is based.

“Taken cumulatively, the overall situation in Hungary is a cause of concern for the Commission.”

Mr Soros will travel to Brussels next Thursday when he will hold meetings with a number of high ranking officials, including Mr Juncker and Commission first vice-president Frans Timmermans.

A Commission spokeswoman refused to be drawn on the exact agenda of the trip but said EU officials would discuss “political developments” with the billionaire.

She also mentioned the College of Commissioners’ findings and said Mr Soros and Mr Juncker “will have the opportunity to discuss this”.

However, she did not say whether or not the pair would answer questions from journalists after or whether the Commission would issue a statement outlining the main points from the meeting.


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  • Lone Ranger

    Time to destroy junker and soreass two demons in a rotten meatsuit.
    An unelected tycoon meets with an unelected commie bureucrat to discuss taking down a democratically elected govt, and they call it liberal…whats wrong with that picture…?
    ”Kalergi Plan” Look it up…
    Both Merkel and Juncker were awareded the Kalergi price a few years ago.

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  • JustMeOtessa


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  • Soros is lining Junckers pockets with lots of money, that us guaranteed! Juncker would sell his own kids if he thought it would give him more Power and Money, just like the Global Enemy, Soros, who turned on his own people and sided with the Nazis and how he got rich. Soros needs to be swinging from a tree. And I hope the EU goes bottoms up, it is nothing more than a New World Government Sewer, filled with unelected, greedy gutter scum, who are enemies of the European citizens, and who are more than happy to let Islam take over, as long as they don’t lose their evil heads. God Bless the decent True Leaders within Europe, Hungary, Poland, and Czech Republic. Hopefully the citizens of Western Europe will open their eyes and see what a waste of money it is keep the EU stealing from them.

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    Deport all parasitic, violent Afro-Islamic subhuman trash from every western nation and the lying, manipulating, corrupt, filthy, political Zionist Jews with their Neo-Bolshevik puppets. Hang up these f**ng Jews, start with Soros and those who behind him.

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