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Leftist Antifa Thugs Clash with Alt-Right in Washington DC Anti-War Protests

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Alt-Right protesters decided to come out tonight in protest of President Trump’s Syria strikes. They held the protest near the White House. Left-wing Antifa thugs also showed up to protest the Alt-Right being there, which is causing things to escalate.

Richard Spencer led the protest for the alt right protesters chanting ‘Commies go home’ to Antifa thugs. He also expressed that he is vehemently against Trump’s decision to order strikes on Syria.

Left-wing Antifa thugs were chanting “Go home Nazis!”, “”No TRUMP! No KKK! No FASCIST USA!!”, to the members of the Alt-right all while carrying Soviet hammer and sickle communist flags with them.

So let me get this straight. Anti-fascists are leading a counter-protest to an antiwar protest. Are they protesting on the side of war?

Alt-Light cuckolds are staying home thinking they can change the world and the president’s war decision from their Twitter accounts:


Other Alt-Light cucks are siding with the communist antifa thugs. Can you believe this? After this, Richard Spencer should be the leader of both Alt-Right and Alt-Light. He is the only man willing to stand up to this Syria war madness and take it to the streets. We need to show Trump that we are not happy and we disagree with this war. If the alt-light rejects Spencer then they should go join their antifa thugs!

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