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Kim Jong Un is about to Fall, North Korean capital Evacuated

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The North Korean communist dictator is about to fall. The two Koreas will finally be able to unite.

King Kong Ung or Kim John One or Kim Jong Un or whatever you wanna call that filthy fat communist pork, is now preparing for nuclear war with China and America.

The fat communist tyrant has evacuated Pyongyang. Funny thing is South Korea might get nuked by North Korea as a retaliation… Ohh well at least we won’t have to worry about those pesky Samsung Galaxy phones exploding anymore… iPhone is gonna become the king!

Japan might get nuked again as a bonus but this time by King Kong Ung but don’t worry about your PlayStation 4 kids, we heard Xbox is preparing a new Ultra HD 4K console this year, code-named Project Scorpio.

You know, Japan might be nostalgic actually remembering those beautiful days when Hiroshima and Nagasaki got nuked causing the creation of Godzilla. So now thanks to the glorious leader of North Korea, Japan might get their Godzilla version 3.0. Version 2.0 was already created during Fukushima. By now Japs should be completely immune to radiations. In fact these people have evolved to be so immune to radiations that they consume uranium juice on a daily basis.

Funny! Now seriously… North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un ordered an immediate evacuation of the capital Pyongyang shortly after they first ordered journalists in Pyongyang to evacuate the capital, after being told to prepare for a big important event.

Many journalists are tweeting out that they have no idea what to expect, but that it is urgent.

North Korea also told Russia on Friday last week to consider evacuating its embassy in Pyongyang, as reports suggesting the North was preparing an imminent missile launch prompted a fresh spike in global concern.

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