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Ivanka Trump appoints more Bush-Era Globalists in White House

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US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, who has recently taken up an unpaid job as a White House adviser, is increasing the staff with officials from former president George W. Bush’s administration, media reported.

Apart from Dina Powell, senior counselor to the president for economic initiatives and Ivanka’s close aide, who served as as assistant to the president for personnel in Bush’s team, Ivanka hired Margaret Spellings, who worked as an education secretary at Bush’s office, as a chief of staff, Politico reported.

Another member of Ivanka’s team will be Julie Radford, who was recruited in February by Powell, the newspaper specified.

On November 8, 2016 Trump won over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. Trump’s inauguration was held on January 20.

Drain the swamp….. yup, hire Bush neocons, I’m sure that will help draining the swamp! Ivanka Trump or secretly known by her Jewish name as Yael Kushner, shouldn’t even be in the White House, didn’t Donald Trump say before getting elected that his “children” will all take care of his business and not get involved with politics?

But don’t worry Trump is just playing some more 7000D Ultra Hyper HD Inter-Dimensional CHESS!


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2 Responses to " Ivanka Trump appoints more Bush-Era Globalists in White House "

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Ivanka is a dumb bitch she is run by her Husband and Trump is a sellout either that or he is a weak old man whom only cared about getting elected, his name is now secured in history books, mission accomplished fuck everything else…
    The chess analogy was cool by the way I lold.

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  2. Edward Delahoussaye says:

    Trump is going to piss off his bass supporters an he will be a 4 an done President,just drain the swamp an build the wall.

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