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Iceland starts taking Muslim migrants, Already experiences Gang Rapes

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A few more Syrian refugees will be coming to Iceland next January, and will live in three different municipalities.

A group of over 40 people has been chosen,” Red Cross in Iceland managing director Kristín S. Hjálmtýrsdóttir told Vísir. “A class was held last week in Beirut, Lebanon which went over what it’s like to live in Iceland and what awaits them there. A lot of questions were asked, and there is a lot of anticipation within the group.”

All of these refugees are Syrians fleeing the civil war raging in their home country, and have been living in Lebanese refugee camps for about three years.

Iceland has accepted a grand total of 584 non-European refugees despite having a tiny total population equal to that of a medium sized city: 332,529

The largest single arrival of refugees was 75 people, all of them from Kosovo, in 1999. The smallest group to be invited to Iceland in a single year was comprised of 5 people in 2014, who came from Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Uganda and Syria. 13 refugees, from Syria, were brought to Iceland last year.

As the number of migrants rises in Iceland, they are already starting to experience their first gang rapes.

Between 2010-2014, 91 victims of gang rape turned to Stígamót, the centre for survivors of sexual offences and violence. The Reykjavik Metropolitan Police has received eight reports of gang rape this year alone. This means that in the last six years over 100 gang rapes have been reported.

The figures above from the police only apply to sexual offences in the capital area but people all over Iceland turn to Stígamót for assistance. Many sexual offences are never reported.

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