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Holy Cow! Trump CANCELS Mexico Wall

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Holy cow! This is the worst president ever! Nationalist? NAH this guy is a full-scale globalist puppet let directly by the Kushners.

After chanting “Build the wall” throughout his campaign speeches, Donald Trump is now canceling his last promise now. He broke all his other promises so there’s basically not a single promise left to break. As far as we’re concerned, Trump can even be impeached now, we won’t shed a single tear. We regret supporting this clown.

So now, incredibly, even the liberal FAKE NEWS Media is saying that Trump is going too far and breaks too many of his promises, look at what Vanity Fair of all medias is saying now:

How Trump’s Wall Failure Will Forever Doom His Presidency

Let’s forget, for the moment, about whether a border wall between the United States and Mexico would be good or bad. Politically, Donald Trump needs it. No promise gained him more enthusiasm during the primaries. Three quarters of Republicans support it. And his base demands it. In a column written immediately after Trump’s election in November, Ann Coulter laid out a hundred-line daily schedule for Trump’s first hundred days that read, “Day 1: Start building the wall. Day 2: Continue building the wall. Day 3: Continue building the wall. Day 4: Continue building the wall,” and continued in this vein until Day 100, which read, “Report to American people about progress of wall. Keep building the wall.”

By the same token, considering politics alone, Democrats must stop the wall. Thwart Trump and he looks weak. You force him to break his signature promise. His agenda stalls. The Hispanic vote moves even more solidly to the left. The Democratic base gets energized, and Trump’s base gets demoralized and stays home in the next couple of elections. It’s cost-free. That’s why Chuck Schumer has spoken of “shutting down the government” if Trump tries to get the wall going.

But the war has been postponed. After initially vowing to insert a request for funding of the wall into a stopgap bill that has to pass this April to avoid a government shutdown, Trump has now backed off. Sean Spicer says Trump’s “priorities have not changed,” but the wall does not seem to be among them for the time being. People are now suggesting Trump has given up on the wall in all but rhetoric. And this would be momentous. If Trump’s wall is dead, then Trump’s presidency is dead. Has it come to this?

Now if the leftist fake news media is saying Trump himself is a failure for not delivering on his promises, damn we know how bad it is.

Trump tweeted this just 2 days ago:

Even though it sounds encouraging, Trump has already postponed (or permanently canceled?) his border wall promise and commitment.

And now he is already thanked to by top Democrats such as Chuck Schumer for dumping the wall:

And when we think we had wet dreams with this buffoon of a president, arresting George Soros, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and other traitors to America…

This guy may very well be LUCIFER himself, the antichrist, we’ll do a story about this in the near future so stay tuned.

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