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French Judges Seek Legal Action Against Le Pen One Week Before Election

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French judges have asked the European Parliament to lift presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s immunity in an investigation of her alleged misuse of European Union funds.

Le Pen is accused of using her parliamentary aides for party activities at the expense of the EU. The Paris prosecutor’s office said Friday that a request was filed March 29 to lift Le Pen’s immunity as a member of the European Parliament so she can face possible prosecution in France. The request is unlikely to be approved before the French election on April 23.

The populist National Front leader didn’t seem too concerned with the timing of the request, saying it’s “normal procedure.”

“It’s totally normal procedure, I’m not surprised,” Le Pen told France Info radio.

Rodolphe Bosselut, Le Pen’s attorney, said in February that she won’t comply with any summons until after the election. Le Pen denies any wrongdoing and says she’s part of “political dirty tricks.”


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  • rh2

    Rooting for Le Pen of course, but don’t really believe she will be elected to the highest position in France. As in other Western European countries, too many voters in France are still asleep at the wheel, and unable to appreciate the existential threat to their Christian nation posed by masses of Muslim savages living there. They won’t cast their ballots for France’s savior, Marine Le Pen, but will choose one of the NWO establishment stooges instead: Fillon, Macron or Hamon. Hope to be wrong but fear the worst!

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