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Erdogan becomes Ottoman Sultan Dictator After winning Referendum

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The Ottoman Empire has been reborn! All bow down to the new sultan, Recep Tayyip Erdogan! Constantinople has fallen 5 centuries ago, now Vatican and the entire European continent will fall as no one will be able to defend against the new almighty sultan of the Ottoman Empire. So our only hope now is to bow down and convert to Islam.

Over 97% of the ballots have been counted – Erdoğan is now on his way to become dictator.

The new constitution proposes a streamlined legislative process. The post of prime minister will be abolished and the president will be able to issue laws by decree concerning specific areas of executive power.

The eyes of the world should be on Turkey because they pose a great threat now to the safety of Europe as waves of immigrants and refugees continue to pour in from the Middle East.

Erdogan has already threatened to destroy Europe and kill all white European peoples on the streets for being “nazis“. Those who underestimate Turkey are going to make a huge mistake.

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